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Originally Posted by beardcore84 View Post
Actually my join date is in 2013, and I lurked here even earlier. I don't like posting here much because of the awful gatekeeping attitudes, sexism, racism and bigotry that I constantly see. It's gross. I mostly only visit here to see some of the latest tmnt toy spottings, or find comic info. Luckily there are starting to be more resources on the web so I do have to subject myself to this cesspool as much.
You've forgotten "Ableism" and "Twanzphobia". You should've thrown "Robophobia" and "Bla-blaism", just to round up list of imaginary offences and get yourself BINGO and a pat on a head from the rest of your so called "community".

As I've recently realized, gatekeeping is good, precisely to keep away people, who are more interested in twisting property into their personal ****** fanfics and spreading quasi-religious "MESSAGE", than engaging with community in a normal way.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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