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From that other thread, they're going to make one of the turtles gay in the follow up LR story... but then can they call it the Last Ronin if there are 4 more baby mutant turtles running around? Lol
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Got the hardcover come in so I got to reread the whole thing through. I wasn’t expecting a “happy” ending so I wasn’t surprised how things would turn out. The last issue did feel a bit flat in some parts. With all the build-up with cybernetics and nanotechnology I was almost expecting them to pull off a Necrosha and “resurrect” Michelangelo’s family under Hiroto’s control only to have Mikey sacrifice himself to save them. Instead we got a couple of mini-boss fights with characters that we’ve never seen before and don’t have much reason to care about before the main event.

Still, probably far better than most of the crap the Big 2 are pushing.

So, uh, are we not going to talk about how despite April’s claim that she and Casey were “contaminated “ by their contact with the turtles neither of them had been mutated or demonstrated any augmented abilities that Casey Marie had including being able to hold her breath under water for long periods of time? Or the interesting choice of clothing that Casey Marie is wearing in the epilogue?
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The whole second mutation angle felt off to me. They hinted at it with Mikey too but it didn’t go anywhere other then to explain why he could endure so much damage.

And does Casey need a mutation to be interesting? Can’t she just be a ninja with human capabilities like Saki? I guess that’s not my choice to make but it felt like a needless complication to make her a little stronger.
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