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It's a real shame Biggs got fired over some stupid Twitter nonsense. I hope he learned his lesson. Honestly think he was better than Seth Green. I tried to like Seth, honest I did...but his performance just felt dull and overly serious compared to Biggs. Even when Leo was having a jovial moment, rare thing, he sounded like someone faking it.
Seth Green Leo is like listening to kid batman. Yuck. Biggs gave Leo a dorky charisma that didnt go too far. He felt like a genuin teen not a cookie cutter, "I'm the generic hero", angsty teen.

I will forever wonder why they didnt just keep that Dominic Catrambone guy. He did a good job.

Long story short, stop being an idiot online, it has an ultra high potential to ruin you.

Also voice cast changes gripe me like nothing else.


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