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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I've honestly never looked at any incarnation of April in anything and thought to myself, "Man, April is so hot and sexy!" I just haven't. Maybe the chick on the side of the arcade machine but that's it. Not Turco and not Hoag (though I did find a greater appreciation for Hoag later in life). April seems so clearly presented as big sister/den mother in the only incarnations that aren't shams that thinking about her in sexual terms always seemed icky to me, feeling as a reader as an extension of the Turtles themselves in a way.
BTW, that April was apparently married at the time!

Could you have been thinking of the April on the backglass to the Data East pinball machine? hehe

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post

If you want sex, and you don't have money, you gotta take care of yourself. That's it. Crying about how "unfair" or "mean" it is doesn't get anybody anywhere. We're genetically wired to only want to breed with those of "superior breeding stock", which means Attractive People. If you're fat and ugly, your kids will be too, and that's why every single guy's . . .
I'm probably making a big mistake even jumping into this conversation, but...

isn't it usually the women who usually give more thought to "how will my kids look?" as opposed to the men?

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