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The Motherf*cking BATCAVE came today!

This gigantic f*cking box showed up outside. I could easily sit in it and ride it down the stairs like a toboggan if I were still as foolish as I was when I was five. The actual playset box is pretty huge on its own!


I'm a huge fan of "Collect The All" on the back. I'm gonna pretend that was an ironic choice, to better bring it into style with other MOTU-knock-off lines like Galaxy Warriors which also had similar odd phrasings on their packages from time to time.

My box had a ding taken out of the side, a small tear but nothing major. That's probably why I paid $40 and not $50. But this thing is a bargain at either price and you should totally get one now!

Inside, there's a thin slip of cardboard on either side that slips between the playset and the side of the box, a thin cardboard base down at the bottom to keep it in place, and a "crown" on top to keep the box from crushing. All the accessories are in plastic bags tucked in between the "grid" on top but I'd already taken those out when I took the pictures.

It looks awesome out of the box. It's a bit heavier than one might expect and seems to be made of more solid plastic than the Grayskulls and Snake Moutnains of yore. Just like them, it folds open and shut on a hinge and uses thin clasps to hold it shut.

On its own it cuts quite an impressive and imposing figure, even shut.

I love the front of it. The sculpt is great, the paint job is awesome, I really dig the glowing eye look. The "icy" blue flames really give it a unique look. Dig the heavy barred door with the bat on the front. Even the door is much thicker than you'd expect. It doesn't clasp shut but it holds in place nicely on the hinge.

All the accessories come in plastic bags. Inside, the set is pretty barren but it really pops when everything is in place. As you can see, all the pieces fit easily inside of the playset so you can close it back up and keep everything safe. Really well-done. This entire thing pops together and breaks down in seconds and you can easily keep it stored in the original box with no problem at all.

I do wish that Funko had dipped in for a couple of stickers on the floor. Without all the accessories set up, the inside looks rather plain, but all of that changes in a hurry. The accessories are very sturdy and should be easy to keep track of. I recommend keeping the bags that they come in. You get:

- A bag of three weapons and a shield, which clip to the walls but can also be used by any of the figures
- A flag that clips onto the wall
- A training dummy with a removable bat helmet that fits almost all figures in the line
- An orb held in a base shaped like a bunch of bats
- A large throne with a really awesome "bat skull and wings" motif
- A giant, heavy beast-bone ladder made out of the spine and ribs of some large creature. A very nice touch!

No elaborate action features to speak of, sadly; no trapdoors or swinging snake's heads; the front door and the door to the dungeon both swing nicely but don't lock in place. The good news is, the lack of action features means there are WAY less moving parts to potentially break, and as a display piece that improves this set considerably. It should be incredibly easy to keep this thing in pristine condition; there aren't many pieces to lose and most of them are hard to break.

"Assembly" takes seconds; the weapons pop into place on the walls in specific spots based on the width of the handle clips, the flag pops into place with two pegs, and everything else is free-standing and in theory can be placed anywhere. Very simple. You can "assemble" the entire thing and be ready to go in 30 seconds, and it all packs up just as easily. The throne is pretty solid and much heavier than you'd think - MUCH more solid than the classic Grayskull throne - but the "ladder" made of skeleton really takes the cake. It weighs about a pound and feels like you could brain someone with it quite easily if you wanted to! There's a spot cut out of the upper floor to make it easy to place in the preferred spot, but like the rest of the accessories you can more or less put them anywhere you want. There are obvious "recommended" spots where things fit better but nothing is locked in. It's simple but it works really, really great. An action feature would be nice, but for $40-50 and considering how 99% of people would be using this simply as a display piece, I think it's everything it needs to be.

I obviously took some pics of it all put together and "in action", so that'll be next.


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