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Collection Photos Archive

Everyone can post photos of their collections in this topic.

As requested, here are photos of some of my collection. I'll be posting more as I go through my boxes.

This is my Series 1 Collection. It's complete with everything that's been released so far.

Collection consists of:

3 Leo MOC
3 Don MOC
3 Raph MOC
3 Mike MOC
1 Splinter MOC
2 Shredder MOC
5 Foot Soldiers MOC

1 Leo Loose
1 Don Loose
1 Raph Loose
1 Mike Loose
1 Shredder Loose
2 Foot Soldiers Loose

1 Giant Leo MIB
1 Giant Don MIB
1 Giant Raph MIB
1 Giant Mike MIB

1 Leo Katana Sword MIB
1 Don Bo Staff MIB

1 Battle Shell MIB
1 Sewer Slider MIB
1 Shell Cycle MIB

1 Mini 4 Pack MOC
1 Mini Leo MOC
1 Mini Don MOC
1 Mini Raph MOC
1 Mini Mike MOC

1 Shredders Revenge 3 Pack MIB
1 Turtle Takedown 3 Pack MIB

Had another Battle Shell but gave it away. Next photo is of the Original Giants Loose and some of my larger plushies. Photo was taken before I put out all of the Series 1 stuff.

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