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Posts: 3,753 Online Store now open!

Our online store is now open! Click here to visit it. Most of our merchandise features our site's usual logo, and the rest of the merchandise features a new logo exclusive to the store. Here is the merchandise we're currently offering:
  • White T-Shirt (original & new logos)
  • Grey T-Shirt (original & new logos)
  • Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt (original & new logos)
  • Women's T-Shirt (original & new logos)
  • Baseball Cap (original logo, available in a few different colors)
  • Black Cap (original logo)
  • Rectangular Bumper Sticker (original & new logos)
  • Oval Bumper Sticker (original & new logos)
  • Men's and Women's Tank Tops (original & new logos)
All profit made from sales will go directly toward the payment of hosting fees and yearly domain renewals, so if you want to help support this site and its forums, here's your chance. If you don't want to buy anything from our store (or can't afford it) but still want to help support the site, you also have the option of making a donation through PayPal. If you have any comments or suggestions about the store, post them here.

"My motherboard's microchips are chomping at the... 'bit'. A little computer humor." --Krang, Welcome Back, Polarisoids
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