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Originally Posted by superstaff View Post
Okay, but you yourself can 'boycott' something, but if millions upon millions of other people go, and pay for something then the boycott isn't going to be effective. At all. Just like that Chick Fil A boycott from years ago. That so totally hurt them in the piggy bank. Totally.

Ah, yes, you want to LARP that you're a superhero that's actually saving the world from the 'wokesters' by shaming everyone you presume are paying for crap you deem woke. "You're, like, totally diminishing their ability to brainwash the sheep lol (pops bubblegum) tee hee".

By the way, how many 'woke' things have flopped/failed in the last few years? Many. Yet nothing has changed. You can chant "go woke, go broke" or whatever until you're blue in the face, it's not doing anything in the least. Everyone who is a 'brainwashed sheep' remains so, and the entertainment industry doesn't give a f*ck about you or any of the others like you. Man, I still remember the likes of DoomC*ck making claims that 'woke Hollywood' was going down in flames, and all the 'libtards' like Kathleen Kennedy were being fired.
You’re right in that it most likely won’t make a difference. After all, I boycotted “Into The Spider-Verse” because the director defended Antifa. The movie still became a big success and is loved by many to this day. But I don’t really care. I stood by my decision to not financially support that director, and from my perspective, I didn’t betray my morals and I won the battle. Boycotting is a personal choice, and you may not agree with it, which is fine.
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