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Originally Posted by jef the chef f
Actually... it wont come up how I typed it but I wanted my name to have the maximum 25 characters in it, with just a lot of extra spacing in between the f and the last f. I didn't realize it wouldnt let me space it how i wanted.
jeffthechef.............f Just instead of .'s I wanted spaces.

If you cant do that then can I just have my name back to jeff the cheff? Thanks.
Sorry, but multiple spaces are reduced to one space in the database, so if I tried changing it to that, it would end up looking exactly the same. But sure, I'll change your name back since it was only a spacing change (normally name changes are only allowed every 4 months if they involve changing any of the characters).

"My motherboard's microchips are chomping at the... 'bit'. A little computer humor." --Krang, Welcome Back, Polarisoids
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