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It's my desire?
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well...i'd better add in myself!

Name: Ra Cho Tamer
Nicknames: err…sun god descendent?
Age: unknown but is in her teenage years
Gender: female
Species: human
Nationality: American
Eye color: bluish-green
Hair color: thick brown hair but a long, deep red fringe
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 134 lbs
Clothing: usually a ragged black t-shirt with a black bandana holding back the hair with a black belt, dark jeans with blue sneakers (and ankle socks) and sometimes black fingerless gloves. That’s just her battle gear. If not, it’s pretty random, depending on what she finds in the dumpsters
Physical traits: tanned skin and a long scar on the back of her right hand, her red brown hair and her eyes
Occupation: Dragon Tamer

Skills and powers: carries a kyoketsu shoge that the end could be changed from a ring to a spear like end or a bullet like end. Is skilled in some areas of ninjitsu (Level 1) and jujitsu (orange belt), and can draw reasonably well. Can also use martial arts weapons and can use simple, every day objects as a weapon

Advantages: stronger than normal, can brake her fall from heights under 10 feet, battle ready, can get focused and absorbed in the task at hand, skilled fighter because of her harsh life and can call upon dragons (or can use elements to turn into a dragon-like shape)

Disadvantages: quick to anger and can even lash out on her friends if she is angry enough. Her life is complex and longs to know what it’s like to lead a ‘normal’ life. Also, the dragon summons mentioned above is fed off her own energy and life force. This can result to passing out and being weakened, greatly or hardly affected depending on what summon she does and, if it’s an element summon, how long it is summoned for

Personality: Ra is pretty much wild. She likes parties but usually thinks of herself as an outcast until she’s around her friends. She gives everybody the cold shoulder if they upset her in one way or another, but once you get to know her she’s not a bad girl. She just has more issues than everyone else. She can get annoyed if anyone finds one of her bandana’s and takes it with them or takes her bandana off of her head. She has a mysterious bond with it. Just don’t go sneaking about in her room…

History: at the age of five, Ra’s house was burnt to the ground by the Foot, her parents taken captive. Furious, she and her dog (the only thing that survived) found a run down wear house floor in nearby New York that they happily called home. As the years went by, Ra started to get sick of just stealing to feed herself and her dog. She got all the money she had and spent it on self defense lessons and took a liking to ninjitsu and jujitsu. She quit when she was out of money, determined to save herself and her dog that now she calls Terror from the horrible conditions of New York. When she was about twelve, Ra was on the roof of the wear house and saw a shape like a dragon. Curious, Ra followed, seeming to be the only one who knew it was there. The shape entered a small cavern where Ra followed. Soon she was in the heart of dragon city, where dragons roamed like humans. She was quickly noticed and taken prisoner. While she was in her cell, she heard a noise of a dragon in pain in the cell next to her. She soothed its anger and ache, calming it just by verbally talking to it. A dragon elder was there when it happened and knew that Ra was the last he could take. He let the two free from their cells. The dragon that was in the cell is now known as Shadowflame, a loyal dragon at Ra’s call. The elder by the name of Venri then took Ra under his wing to make her a dragon tamer, one who tamed dragons for a living. She is one of the first to exist in over a thousand years. Now Ra is a level 15 dragon tamer, with her goal to become the highest level dragon tamer around - a level 100. When she dies, her spirit and life force will be guided to a dragon egg and be reincarnated into it. The mysterious art of dragon taming is still very mysterious to her, but even more mysterious to her friends. She is a fateful ally and good friend to the turtles, but sometimes even dragon taming has its downsides…

she is not a character that i'll really play, but since she like a part of Ra...

Name: Terror
Nicknames: N/A
Age: unknown but is nearly as old as Ra
Gender: female
Species: dog
Breed: Rottweiler
Nationality: Born in America but is of a German blood line
Eye color: Brown
Fur color: Black and Tan
Height: 2 feet from her sholder blades down
Clothing: none. she wears a ragged red colour though
Trade marks: the cute look she usually gives anyone who is being mean to her (kinda like the one Puss in Boots gives in Shrek 2)

Skills and powers: Bites, scrathes, and anything else other dogs can do. but she does apper to be smarter than normal though and she doesn't age

Advantages: smarts, claws, teeth, loyalty, affectionite (sometimes) and a fighters spirit
Disadvantages: can be caught by the dog catcher, can't talk, sometimes lazy and usually brings home trouble

Personality: Affectionate, takes in whatever is happening, always there, and a good friend and fighter. not smart enough to talk but smart enough to know what's going on, Terror has saved her human friends life countless times. Ra respects and appreciates Terror enough to treat her like a human. sometimes she goes off on her own adventures too

History: after sniffing a little bit of TCRI ooze when she was a day old, it hightend her intelligence a bit. when she was six weeks old she was given to Ra as a birthday gift. nothing else is known about this mysterious dog

"So. The whole lot of you against little old me? How retarded."

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