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Toonami Tom
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Gwen Watson

Name: Gwen Watson
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'5
Build: Small
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: A cute teenage girl.
Information: Gwen is very smart and she makes good grades. She enjoys science. Gwen likes listening to music, occasionaly playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite music types are rock and techno. She is very curious and likes adventure. Gwen is nice, kind, and understanding. Although she likes adventure, she also tries to avoid danger.
Weapons: None
Fighting skills: Her fighting skills are very basic.

RPG History:
1. "TMNT; The Turtle Titan Band"

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Fang Wolf
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Name: Cin
Species: Koga-Dog
Gender: Female
Build: Look on Pics..
Hair: Guld and Silver
Eyes: Red
Clothes: Ninja
Weapons: Scythe

Friend to Splinter

RPG History:
"X501: The Monster From Another World"
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Toonami Tom
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'New' Karai

This is the profile for Karai after leaving the Foot Clan. I guess she is an alternate reality version of the character.

Name: Karai
Gender: Female
Appearance: A young and attractive Japanese woman. She has shoulder length black hair and green eyes.
Information: Karai has left the Foot Clan. She is now nice, kind, and allies with the turtles and their friends. The ninja woman is glad that she is no longer a member of the Foot Clan. She feels that she can really enjoy her life now and be normal.
Fighting skills: Very skilled at ninjitsu.
Weapon of choice: Katana. Sometimes two katanas.
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Toonami Tom
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I created this character at another forum last year. Now I am bringing this character to this forum.

Name: Scarlet
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Mutant Lizard
Skin: Lime green
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6
Build: Small
Clothes: She has black wrist bands, black elbow pads, and black knee pads. She also wears a black belt with a gun holster on it. In the holster is her sub-machine gun.
Information: Created by a mad scientist named Dr. Crazy, Scarlet worked for him. Her job was to do whatever Dr. Crazy wanted. One day Dr. Crazy accidently blew himself up, so now Scarlet is free and lives in New York City.
Fighting skills: Hand to hand combat (She's probably equal in battle to Hun from the TMNT 2k3 toon.)
Weapons: Sub-machine gun. She may also use other weapons.

RPG History for
1. X501: The Monster From Another World
2. Clandestine War

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Fang Wolf
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New version of Witchpanther

Name: Witchpanther
Species: Black Panther
Gender: Male
Build: Small with muscle
Hair: Black
Hair length: Long to end of Back
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: Elite Ninjas
Weapons: Kantanas

Father: Oroku Saki/The Shredder
Sister: Karai

RPG History:
"X501: The Monster From Another World"

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Toonami Tom
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Name: Zelda
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Super Human
Appearance: Zelda is a very pretty, attractive, busty woman with a nice figure. She has long black hair, down to the middle of her back in length. Her eyes are green.
Height: 5'5
Build: Small
Abilities: She has mystical water powers, the ability to create force feilds, send powerful blasts of force from her hands, and she is able to heal herself and others.
History: Zelda is the last of her kind. After her people were attacked by a powerful mystic and an army of enemies, she was forced to escape. Using a portal, she arrived in New York City. The world she comes from does not have the technology that New York has. It is a land of castles and villages.
After living in New York City for awhile, Zelda lives in an apartment and becomes a clothing model.

First appeared in the RPG:

RPG History:
1. TMNT/Spider-Man
2. Broken Timelines - A journey through Time and Space.
3. The Forbidden Island

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Hamfisted Bun Vendor
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Name: Polly Paulton
Species: Human Mutant
Hero Name: Brown Beaver
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 3'9"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Appearance: Brown Beaver

Polly resembles a humanoid beaver, with her huge incisors, tail, and webbed feet. However, she is not genetically related to actual beavers. Her brown hair is kept in a ponytail. When not disguised as the Brown Beaver, she wears gloves, a trench coat and boots all made especially for her just to hide her mutations.

Personality: Polly is a short-tempered girl, definitely with a bite that is worse than her bark. She has a knack for being very arrogant and full of herself at times. However, she does have a sweeter side that has a fondness for sculpting and pottery. She is a vegetarian, but seems to enjoy biting through foods that would take most humans a few hours to prepare and eat.

History: It was a happy day. The rich couple Molly and George Paulton were expecting their first born, a baby girl that they would name Polly. However, when she was finally born...they didn't recieve a normal baby girl but a horrible squealing monster with webbed feet and a tail. Over a few months, she grew the incisors that would gain her the nickname 'beaverface' in school. Rather than kill her, her family decided to attempt to hide her deformities and raise her to be normal. Each year, they would take her to their private dentists to have her incisor teeth sawed. They hid her other features under a trench coat, a pair of gloves, and boots that she would never grow out of.

She had few friends throughout school, save for the ones that only hung out with her because she was rich. But due to her fiery bad attitude, she even pushed away those friends. But she was never ashamed of her fact she was quite proud. She could do things that nobody else could do, and that was more than enough reason to be proud. In high school, she took her swimming team to the championships three times in a row, and is looking at a fourth.

But why stop there?

After thinking about it, she decided that she could fight crime with her abilities. She used her allowance to create a costume and became the 'Brown Beaver.' She hasn't really fought any villains yet, but you'd never know.

Abilities: Though not related to beavers, Polly exhibits some of their natural traits such a an excellent swimming ability as well as enhanced smell, touch, and hearing. Her incisors are enough to kill a man if she bit him in the right place, and her tail functions well as a weapon.

Weaknesses: Her biggest weakness is her extreme pride and short temper. An ego is never a good thing to drag around. She is also very small and not very muscular, so she can easily be knocked back...if you can catch her that is.
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Toonami Tom
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Name: Sharon Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Cyborg Human
Appearance: A cute teenage girl, she has shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Height: 5'6
Build: Small
Abilities: Super strength, ablility to run much faster than an average human, leap great distantces, detect life forms based on sensing heat, night vision, binocular vision, super strength, highly resistant to damage.
History: ((Most likely I will post this information later.))

RPG History:
1. TMNT/Spider-Man

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The Stockman Twins & Spirit Anna Davidson

Here's two from 1987 animation of TMNT.

Name: Baxter and Barney Stockman
Species: Humans
Age: Both 25
Height: Barney is 5'02', but Baxter is shorter than his twin brother.
Weight: Both are 135lbs.
Gender: Both males
Personality: Coming Soon
Weapons: Has none.
Family: They have each other.
History: Coming Soon


I liked to have a made up character, if you let me.

Name: Spirit Anna Davidson
Species: Mutant Human
Age: Turning 25
Height: 5'01" & half
Weight: 135lbs.
Gender: Female
Build: Straight
Hair: Medium copper red - her hair is down to her shoulders and it's wave hair style.
Eyes: Light blue-green - almond shaped
Jewelry: Silver loop earrings, silver choker, charm bracelet(on her right fist), silver watch(on her left fist), amethyst ring(on her right ring finger), and silver anklet(on her left leg).
Clothes: Light violet short sleeve shirt, rich black pants w/silver slash as a belt, dark violet high-heeled shoes.
Personality: Very loyal, very smart, outgoing, easygoing, big hearted, and unselfish.
Weapons: Has none, but she studied karate.
Family(look down)
Dad: Mr. Edward Davidson
Mom: Mrs. Mary Davidson
Siblings: Has none
History: It all beings she was born with a super power. It's called innate capability. Ability to naturally have skills and/or knowledge typically earned through learning. She really has it in real life and another power is memory. Ability to remembered anything and everything. But now it's getting worse. She needs help to control. Pretty soon she will be used by the, Shredder(Just like, April O'Neil as the cat woman in the episode).
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Bad Boy
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Real name: Peter Parker
Nicknames: Pete, Petey
Alias: Poison
Height: 5'5
Weight: 150lbs
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Clothing: Clothing - A green T-shirt , jeans, tennis shoes
Skills: has total control over alien symbiote, can stick to walls, swing, shoot projcetiles, make sheilds, reach for high things, etc. and a sense of danger

Strengths: strength x20 of a normal man, his body is nearly impenetrable

Weaknesses: Loud noises and heat.

Personality: Peter is a respectable boy, he has a near genius I.Q., his rare mood swings are from an unknown reason

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Not sure if I will have time to game with her, but if so, here she is.

Name: Lycanth Rose Maitland
Race: Human Caucasian
Nickname: Ly, 'Pigeon', 'babe' (depends who is speaking!)
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single
Family: Mother: Amethyst, Father: Daniel (dec), Brother: Lucas (23)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lb or 50kg
Profession: Depends on game, but usually *cough* exoticdancer *cough*

Appearance: Blonde hair, grey eyes. Slender build, almost looks fragile. Ly went on a serious health kick after her father died, determined to keep fit and healthy after realising how fragile life was. She is an almost complete vegetarian with the exception of seafood, and she works out regularly, keeping her figure toned.

Identifying marks: She does have one very tiny birthmark...not telling what or where! You'll have to find out!

Talents, Skills: Classically trained dancer, also trained in Gymnastics, but gave it up a few years ago., Certificate in full body massage. Does Tai Chi and Yoga.

Natural Abilities: Flexible, has a lot of empathy for living creatures. The type of girl who will rescue flies from spiderwebs and nurse stray animals.

Behavior: Ly is very kind, but shy and quiet. Determined and loyal. She does have a temper, though it takes a lot to make it flare, and it never lasts long, burning out quickly.

Strengths: She can be loyal to a fault, even to those who don't deserve it. Hard worker. Compassionate.

Weaknesses: Very emotional, gets upset easily. Often a bad judge of character. Too trusting. Has a penchant for danger. Typical good girl who falls hard for the bad guy. Naive.

Hobbies, Interests: When she's not working or sleeping, she watches old movies or reads fantasy romance novels. Fascinated in mythology. Would love to study biology and get a nursing degree. Dancing, Tai Chi, Yoga.

Background: Lycanth was born and raised in Meredith, New Hampshire, a small lakeside town surrounded by lush forests. She is the youngest of two children and her parents doted on her, especially her father, to whom she had a very close bond. When he passed away suddenly when she was 12, she became very withdrawn and found it hard to make friends. When she turned 16 and her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Ly quit school so she could take care of her mother, getting a part time job so she could help pay for her mothers medication and care.

Notes: Ly has no super powers, no amazing strength, and her childhood was pretty happy. Hopefully the fact she is pretty and sweet and kind won't have her labelled a MS! She can actually be pretty darn *blonde* at times.
Forever Raphaels...

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Also after Charles, Danny, Irma, Tatsu, Baxter, Bishop & Karai!
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Buslady's Generic Raph RPG Profile

Name: Raphael
Aliases: The Secret Weapon The Nightwatcher, ret.
Age: 18
Sex: M
Weight: 180 give or take
Height: 5.5
Family: Splinter, Mike, Don, Leo, April, Casey
Marital: Single; don't ask cos the answers no

Physical Description:
I'm a turtle..lookit the picture.

Personality: Cool most the time, easy going and kick back. Loyal, honest and trustworthy. Never lies; unless there is an absolute need to(life or death situation) Keeps promises. Intense. Emotional. Never finishes a job until he says it's done. Rebellious streak, craves his own life to make his own choices, to do as he wants and not to have to listen and suck up to big brother Leo all the time. If ever given the chance, could be very loving and devoted; can sink into short lived depression for any reason. Sometimes life gets him down. Most of the time he's alright. Has to keep up his tough reputation, often avoids tender moments but will express in his own way he cares.

Daily he wears clothing. Modified jeans to fit his shell and t-shirts are common. Out on the town, he pulls out the ol duster or the older trenchie, hat and boots. When in ninja mode, he's in his usual ninja stuff.

He sleeps in his birthday suit, and ties his own shoes.

Skills: Clobbering bad guys. Along with a good round of ninja training(includes stealth, concealment, variety of weapons, fighting techniques, etc) , he's awesome at street fighting. Sometimes the fancy moves aren't gonna cut it. Near master of Saijutsu; can work very well with blade, chain, and blunt weapons (ie: bats, clubs, etc) Good with mechanics, great with bikes. Can somewhat "read" people from a distance by watching body language-good to anticipate the enemy's next move; gained from being out and just simply watching and learning.

Natural Abilities and Disabilities: Hold breath, swim, hardy constitution. Susceptible to low temperatures, might hibernate below 40 degrees.

Hobbies: Mechanics- relaxation is tinkering with his bike hanging out at Ape's garage at her building. Reading. Training, maintaining his body. (but his mind still needs work!) Enjoys going out alone to hang out at the park, is known to take off for a day or two without notice.

Was once the Nightwatcher, but gave it up and burned the costume saving only the, the bike too.


Foods: Steak, Burgers, Tacos, Pepperoni Pizza
Drinks: Coke, Milk, Water, Beer
Movies Indiana Jones, Star Wars, any ol fighting movie, Hellboy...
Music: I like lots of music- mostly though, Classic Rock, Some Alternative, some oldies, and never ever surf crap
Location: Central Park- closest thing I got to nature.

A few comments from Raph:

Cool, I getta word here. If ya wanna stay on my good side - dont call me "hothead"; don't go pissin me off just cos ya wanna see me pissed off, you won't like the results. Don't go pointin' out my shortcomings...I ain't that bad. Don't put my pals in danger cos I'll leave yer ass there. Don't **** with me, you don't want to be on the receiving end of my fist. If tell ya to go away, beat it. Never change my music, if ya wanna be pals offer me a beer.

After alla that, you have been warned.

(to prevent confusion...FYI:

When I post in red, this is Raph talking. When I don't, it's ME the player. )
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Candy Kappa
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I can make character too hehe
its my own comic hero

Name: Kiwamu Higurashi
Gender: Male
Race/species: Kappa (a natural humanoid Turtle)
Eyes: Blue
Family: he lwas raised by his grandfather, his parents are assumed dead ( he also have a twin brother)
Marital: he have a girlfriend
Friends: Hideki (a natural pervert that teases Kiwamu) The elder one (Kiwamus trainer)
Abilities: he got lighting reflexes and are a master in sword skill.
Weapon: Katana. And sometimes he dual wields with a short sword too.
Personality: he's quite shy and are a honest person

Other: Kiwamu comes from a small Kappa village close to a lake, where they live like Japan where in the mid 18th century. He trains his Sword skills at the eldest of the village "The Elder One" an old Kappa that was a member of a secret group in the Shinsengumi. He bears the same name as his father that where a special agent that have status lost in action.
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Prof. Baxter Stockman
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It's me, Baxter. I forgot my password. So, I got a new account.
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Toonami Tom
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Name: Jean
Nickname: Foxy
Species: Mutant Fox
Height: 5'5
Build: Small
Fur color: Light brown
Eyes: Green
Clothes: Usually wears black boots, a white tank top and black sweat pants modified to allow her fluffy fox tail to stick out.
Attitude: Usually nice and kind. She may sometimes cause confrontation by speaking her mind.
Abilities: She is a computer expert and she also has hand to hand combat fighting skills. She is not a martial arts master, but can hold her own in a fight.

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Jade Green
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Name: Miranda Yumiko Tezlof

Alias: Graysight

Age: (varies from rpg to rpg, usually a year younger than the TMNT)

Occupation: Ex-Soldier

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 4'5" to 5'

Eye: Harlequin; Right - light blue/Left- Blood Red

Skin: light jade green

Build: small

Powers: Psychokinetic, (Primarily Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Astral Projection although she does seem to have other lesser powers).

Combat - Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (Kung Fu), Proficient in Knives, Guns, and target weapons, (shiruken, throwing knvies and etc), and Paired Kukhri.
Trained in Acrobatics, Stealth, Espionage, Stratagey and Military History and Etequette. Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and some Spanish.

History: Graysight's past is somewhat hidden in shadow, it is known that she was born somewhere in Japan before moving to the United States and that her family was murdered. Soon after that she came in the custody of a secret military group who trained her in nearly everything she knows. It was only recently that she left this covert army and is now on her own. Her status with this militia is unknown, although she does express a mild paranoia towards any new mutant animal she meets.

Weaknesses: Graysight is Colorblind She sees everything in shades of Black, White, and Gray. The disability this causes is obvious to anyone observant enough to notice. The advantage is that she is more likely to spot anything camoflauged. She is also gravely allergic Opiates.


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Toonami Tom
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Name: Toni Bauer

Alias: She may sometimes have various names she uses while on missions.

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Occupation: Agent and spy.

Species: Human

Height: 5'7

Hair: Black shoulder length

Eyes: Blue

Build: small

Powers: None

Combat - Hand to hand: some mixed martial arts and proficient in using various guns.

History: Toni worked as an agent for an elite task force. She was later approached by Agent Bishop, offering her a job with the Earth Protection Force. She accepted and now works for him. Sometimes she will venture in her free time as an explorer.
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Jade Green
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Name: Mikhail Yuuichi Tanaka Tezlof

Alias: Tanaka Yuuichi

Age: varies, usually a year or two older than the TMNT

Occupation: Ninja

Species/Race: human/Russian-Japanese

Height: 5' 6"

Eye: light brown

Skin: tan

Build: muscular

hair: Black

Powers: None

Abilities: Computers - average,

Combat - Hand to Hand: Ninjitsu (Foot Style), Proficient with the Kama and Kusari Kama, Shiruken, Throwing spikes, Katana and other Ninjitsu type equipment

Languages: English and Japanese

History: Yuuichi was born at in Iga Ueno, Japan to Matvei and Yumiko Tezlof, after the birth of his baby sister, the family moved to Buffalo, New York where they lived peacefully for nearly five years. Then, one night the house was ransacked by black-clad men who quickly slew his father. His mother begged him to hide with his sister; he did, only to witness his mother murdered by a man in metal armor. Blind with rage, he ran out trying to attack his mother's murderer only to be thrown to the side.

The man in the metal armor would have killed him too, if Master Su had not stepped in. Su pointed out to his leader that the clan needed new members and the boy should not be punished for 'the sins of his mother'. Su's leader agreed. They took Yuuchi with them, never knowing of the five year old girl hiding near by.

Now, Tanaka Yuuchi is one of many loyal members of the New York Foot Clan. As for the reason for the 'sins of his mother' they were never revealed.

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Toonami Tom
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Name: Aaron Lizard

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Occupation: Follower of the Foot Clan.

Species: Mutant lizard

Height: 5'7

Skin: Lime green

Eyes: brown

Build: Medium

Powers: None

Combat - Ninjitsu. His weapon of choice is a katana.

History: He was once a normal lizard, until Baxter Stockman mutated him in a Foot lab for The Shredder.
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"Evelyn" Revised

Name: Evelyn (Eh-vah-lin)

Alias: Eva

Place of Origin: Puerto Rico

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid, Hawksbill Sea Turtle/Human

Age: 17

Height: 4'11

Weight: 115 lbs.

Skin: The look of her skin resembles a sea turtle's: pale, off-white, and patterned with a variety of sizes of blocky, chocolate brown spots. The spots are dense on the more "outward-facing" parts of her extremeties: on the outside (the area facing outward if she were to set her arms by her sides and place her hands palm down on her outer thighs) of her arms and hands; the outer side of her thighs and calves; the mid-back of her neck and down along her spine; and all around her shoulders and chest. The overall texture of her patterned parts is bumpy--the spots are slightly raised from the surface of the skin. Also, the white areas that are not spotted are soft and fleshy. ((For reference, see:

Facial Features: Her eyes are emerald green with flecks of lighter greens and teals around the irises. They are large and slightly, inwardly slanted ovals and are blessed with naturally thick, black lashes due to being purely Latin-American. Her facial structure is a wide, oval shape with softer, rounded edges. She does not have a human nose, but has, instead, a rounded beak that barely extends beyond the natural contours of a human face. Another Latina feature is her lips--they have a darker pink pigment with a light brown under-tone, and have an equally full upper- and bottom-lip. ((SEE AVATAR))

Hair: Her hair is inhereted from the common Latina heritage: thick, moderately curly, and kohl black. It hasn't been trimmed, so its "naturally long" without any structure. Despite it's lack of definition, Evelyn keeps her hair well-maintained--she's finicky about the condition of her hair, and thus likes to keep it clean and non-greasy by bathing regularly. Her usual style is to have her hair, except her bangs, kept back from her face with a pink scarf that ties around her head, with the knot and flowing ends slightly off-center. The scarf usually functions as a headband, but sometimes is used as a ponytail holder, as well.

Body Structure: Her skeletal frame is petite, though sturdy. Evelyn has a trim, curvy figure (probably due to swimming regularly). She is very feminine looking, thus is not exceptionally muscular. She is endowed with a shapely chest. (Again, her body was inhereted from her Latin-American mother, who was blessed with fairly common, Latin-American female characteristics.) All in all, she can take a hit or two, but would not last in a hand-to-hand battle of pure strength. Lithe and fast on her feet, she has made up for strength and durability with long-lasting stamina, stealth, and strategy. Lastly, her carapace (shell) is mostly flat, elliptical in shape, and dark brown with creamy white blotches all over it, like ti-dye. Along the lower half, the edge of the carapce is lined with wide spikes. The part of her carapace that is attached to her body is actually shorter than the normal length--the edge of her shell at the bottom is free attachment but hides enough that her rear end isn't exposed. (This helpful feature allows her to wear very low-rise pants and/or skirts.) Her plastrom is a light, creamy yellow color with a dusting of little white spots, like her carapace. Her entire shell is softer and more flexible than a land turtles'--it is leathery and made up of many seperate pieces of bone that allow it to flex and absorb blows. However, the softer characteristics of her shell makes her able to withstand blunt blows, but more vulnerable to blows with sharp objectives. She also has three fingers on each hand, and has no toes (much like a flipper) on her feet. ((SEE PROFILE PICTURE and LINK ABOUT HAWKSBILL SEA TURTLE))

Personality: Evelyn is an independent person who is spirited and spunky around others and enjoys good company. By being perky in public, she is able to hide an underlying issue of insecurity, in which she will deny publicly but privately suffer from. Her insecurity feeds from her feeling of abandonment by her mother, who tried to kill her as a baby out of mostly selfish reasons. (See History) Because of this, she deals with untrustfulness with those she cares for and depression--the feelings of worthlessness and loneliness in the world because her own mother didn't want her. Also, because she fears the vulnerability that those emotions give her, Evelyn puts on a 'happy face' to protect herself from her own burdening thoughts and emotions. However, Evelyn and her mother share the same selfishness--she likes to place all the blame on her mother and has a hard time accepting anything less than that her mother was a horrible person. She also believes that she should never forgive her mother, despite her firm lessons taught to her when she was among the nuns as a child. Those lessons just couldn't penetrate the habit of always blamed it on her estranged mother. It made everything easier as a child, since she didn't have any real family to turn to.

All of this inner turmoil often bleeds out into other issues: she is unforgiving towards those she sees resembling her mother or what her mother did. Actually she has a problem with forgiveness in general, making her one to hold a grudge. However, she is compassionate towards those with issues similar to her own. She isn't bothered by casual violence--a.k.a. sparring and playful bantering--but Evelyn is affected when innocent others are involuntarily dragged into it. Also, while being raised by reverent nuns, she developed exceptional adaptability and mental/physical stamina. This allows her clarity of thought and an element of self-control in most situations. It helps with controlling her insecurity, as well. However, whenever Evelyn gets really upset or annoyed, she will go off on her own and deal with it by herself as to not drag others into it (thinking she can only truly trust herself and no one would understand). If someone brings up something that refers to her insecurity, she will immediately deny it. Though, despite her setbacks, she tries to stay her usual, up-beat and spunky self by doing "fun things" (a.k.a. dancing, listening to music, etc.) to avoid her darker thoughts. She is often seen speaking in rapid Spanish (and/or with Spanish cuss words) when in concentration or in distress of some sort. Evelyn also nurtured a great amount of preceptiveness and curiosity from the spiritually-sensitive nuns that raised her.

Outfit: When topside and during colder weather conditions, she very occasionally wears an outfit resembling a traditional, Islamic woman's head shawl and long, very conservative dress. When it's hotter, Evelyn graduates to lower low-rise jeans, a t-shirt, a light jacket of some sort or a baggy sweat shirt (that has extra long sleeves to cover her hands), sneakers, and a backpack to conceal the the hump her shell creates. (Although her shell is very flat (see Body Structure), it still creates a visible hump and a 'texture'.) When down in the sewers, she prefers to stay relatively conservative--she hates to be obstentacious, a trait she inherited from the nuns. So, she wears lower low-rise, skinny jeans and a green strapless top that has a single, thick strap that runs around her breast plate and mid-shell in order to keep it securely against her chest. (FYI, she wears low-rise because that's the only height that she can pull up, even when her shell's shorter than the norm.) She also always wears a wooden cross necklace around her neck.

History: Evelyn wears an old wooden cross around her neck in remembrance of the birth mother she never knew. Her mother, Luisa Dolores Sanchez, was merely 14 when she conceived Evelyn. However, her parents arranged a marriage for her and it was expected that she was a virgin or else the marriage and its endorsement would fall flat. Thus, they would’ve disowned her, so she kept her pregnancy a secret.

When Evelyn was born, she tied her cross around the baby's neck and prayed for her safe passage into Heaven before releasing her into a torrential river. A basket kept Evelyn barely afloat as she drifted to the ocean front where she was discovered by nuns, who then took care of her. However, that river was polluted by fresh biochemical wastes dumped by an animal research lab--Evelyn was just a newborn, so her immune system could not stop the mutagen from attacking, and later mutating, her body. The animals that were being tested and stuff in the lab were sea turtles. So, her mutated body kept most of its human attributes, but gave some general characteristics of a sea turtle.

The nuns that discovered her then raised her in the atmosphere of God. They schooled her in both English and Spanish, thus she speaks almost flawlessly in both. As the years went by, the predicament of her mutation evolved slowly. Most of the process was rather horrific, but the nuns generally accepted her. When she turned 8 years old, the nuns told her about how her mother abandoned her, thus leading to Evelyn's insecurity and resentment against her mother.

~Love was a gentle breeze,
weaves it's spell upon your

((LeAnn Rimes, Can't Fight the Moonlight))

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