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At first an above average gunner in the Enforcer fighter squadron, Jake Clawson found himself taking to the skies as a WSO for pilot Chance Furlong. The two had a good interaction between them, which proved highly valuable as the two were brought into an emergency mission to shoot down Dark Kat, a renegade megalomaniac with intentions of bombing Enforcer Headquarters. The fighter squadron moved in to intercept, but Dark Kat proved too skilled a pilot for the majority of the squadron. Only Furlong with Clawson as his gunner maintained pursuit. Clawson managed to get a lock, and fired a missile at the villain's craft, disabling its weapons systems.

Preparing to deliver the final blow, Commander Ulysses Feral abruptly came onto the scene with a target lock as well. Clawson sat back as Furlong and Feral exchanged an ego-driven dispute. Feral ordered Furlong to fall back as his accelerated to go in for the kill. Furlong refused and the aircraft collided in mid-air.

The Commander's jet was relatively undamaged, but the stabilizer's on Clawson and Furlong's jet were destroyed, forcing them to bail out. The disabled jet plummeted downward, and crashed into Enforcer Headquarters, destroying a very large portion of it. Amidst the chaos this created, Dark Kat managed to escape.

Jake Clawson:
Despite the volatile situations that he went through in both becoming and living out a double life as a SWAT Kat, Jake keeps a rather calm and almost passive manner about himself (some might even say shy). But that changes when he's under the guise of Razor, using the mask to his advantage as he shows no bit of shyness or hesitation in "kicking the tail" of evil. An expert in martial arts along with computer and technical engineering and being an expert marksman to boot, Razor often provides the tactics and accuracy of the team.
"You guys must be studying the abridged book of ninja fighting... I mean, come on! How do you guys expect to beat me?"--Raphael during a rooftop fight.

"Good answer. Good answer!"-- Raphael Seeing more bad guys then he expected
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Name: Chrystal Lynn
Age: 23
Species: Mallard
Hair: Waist length Black hair
Eye color: Green
Gender: Female
Clothes: Usually wears anything purple...sometimes black dresses...depends on her mood.
Affiliation: Neutral...somewhat...
Powers: (just imagine her in Morgana MaCawber's shoes; she has just about the same powers as she does, except, she doesn't have to use a spell book)
Backstory: Before she was taken in as an accepted roommate of Drake Mallard, she had been under NegaDuck's control. She has been used as a tool for the Fearsome Five's dirty work all the while trying to take control of her own powers.

((all I got so far until I think of more...))
-Anti-Cosmo fan!!
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Name : Janice Clawson
Age : 22
Hair : Brown
Eye Color : Blue
Gender : Female
Clothes : The S.W.A.T. Kat Uniform and when shes not in the Air. She wears a pair of black jeans and a black tanktops. She also has a black cap, and brown and silver sketcher shoes.
Affiliaton : Good.
Abilities : Is Computer Savy is morely a Hacker
Backstory : Shes Jake Clawsons little sister, need I say more?
"You guys must be studying the abridged book of ninja fighting... I mean, come on! How do you guys expect to beat me?"--Raphael during a rooftop fight.

"Good answer. Good answer!"-- Raphael Seeing more bad guys then he expected
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I guess I'm going to re-introduce a character I created back in 2002 or 2003 (can't remember).

Name: Stealth
Age: N/A
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 250 lbs.
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Type: Snapping Turtle
Eyes: White (pupils not visible)
Hair: N/A
Weapon(s): .45 Automatic Pistol, Dragonuv Sniper Rifle, Glowing Kitana
Strength(s): Swordsmanship, Sniping, Artillery Accuracy, Ninjutsu Skill, Endurance to Pain
Weakness(es): Quick Temper, Anger Clouds His Judgment, Defense

Physical Description: Stealth is a mutant snapping turtle with the skin tone of dark green. He normally wears a black head bandana with a black eyepatch covering his scarred, right eye. He wears a black, leather jacket with his shell's spikes stabbed through his jacket. He has a belt under his jacket, where he keeps his pistol, and the handle of his glowing kitana (the glowing blade pops out of the handle like a lightsaber). He keeps his sniper rifle attached to a holster on the back of his leather jacket.

Background: Stealth was a freak accident, a mere experiment under the hands of a few select scientists of the U.S. goverment. An experiment went wrong and Stealth broke free, and murdered all that attempted to prevent him from escaping. He eventually ended up on the streets, struggling on his own. But one day, a mysterious figure in a trenchcoat invited him into a secret organization of mutant infiltrators, named the Mutant Association Underground (MAU). Stealth joined the organization, and learned the ways of ninjutsu, swordsmanship and artillery usage. He became skilled, but a mission went wrong, causing the organization of mutants to fall. Stealth is now on his own with all that the organization taught him. A mutant, with a twisted man, is insecure of his life, and insecure of his surroundings. He finds it very hard to trust anyone, since his close partner, Rex, betrayed him on an espionage mission, which led to the downfall of the MAU.

Previous Stories: Perilous Beauty, Dark Season-One


Name: Daniel Anthony Hamilton
Alias: Rex
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Race: Mutant
Nationality: British
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 197 lbs
Eyes: baby blue
Hair: long, blonde
Weapon(s): Titanium-Bladed Kitana, .357 Magnum Revolver, AK-47, M82 Sniper Rifle
Strength(s): Lightning Fast Reflexes, Swordsmanship, Artillery Usage, Sniping, Confrontational Combat, Defense
Weakness(es): Lack of Endurance to Pain, Arrogance Causes Underestimation

Physical Description: Rex is a mutant with the appearance of a man, except for the fact that his muscles are bit larger than humans. He has long blonde hair with baby blue eyes. He is of the caucasion race, and carries a British accent. His normal attire is usually a black T-shirt and a black pair of jeans, with a brown jacket over his black T-shirt.

Background: Rex was born a normal little orphan boy, in his homeland of Britain. When Rex was fifteen years old, he had a freak accident, leaving him unconscious on the street, with no one near him. He was picked up by a scientist, who healed Rex from his injuries, but only as a side-effect during an experimental process. Rex had become more aware of danger, and quicker. He built up strength, and became a force! Rex fled to the U.S., after his scientist/father figure passed away. In the U.S., Rex was once part of the MAU (Mutant Association Underground) with Stealth, being his partner in infiltration. But one day, he turned on the MAU and revealed their secret identity to his homeland, leading to British agents destroying the MAU. Rex is also responsible for the scar on Stealth's right eye, when he betrayed Stealth on a mission. Rex lurks the shadows and remains to keep his infiltration tactics. In his mind, the day he dies is the day that Stealth comes along with him. Rex is very vindictive, and very hard to trust.

Previous Stories: Perilous Beauty, Dark Season-One

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(My First Female Character, Created to be Elektra to Stryker's Daredevil)

Name:Grave Zeke
Weightoesn't tell
Affiliation: Neutral
Weapons:Small Throwing Daggers and the Occasional Rusty Pipe
Eyes:Left eyeark Green, Right Eye:Blurred (Blind)

Looks: Black Hair with Bangs that cover most of her Face, Wears a Head Band to hold back her hair in any kind of fight situation.Wears a Tattered shirt and skirt at first but eventually gets a More Steamlined Outfit.


Born Rebecca Zeke, Grave lived in a Bad part of Pennsylvania, Not helped by her Crazy mother and supportive but flaky siblings. Before she was Born, Her mother dabbled in the Black arts to try and give herself immortality against the Foot who were coming down on her for a debt. The "spell" didn't work.

When Grave was 15 she was captured by a Young Foot Ninja Named Charles Austin, He killed the young girl with a quick slash across her neck, in the process Charles lopped off a piece of her hair, He now carries it with him. Grave was "Buried" in a junk yard and she was gone for years until she suddenly came back to life by some strange force. Now she tries to reclaim her life while figuring out what organization killed her.

(Stryker and Her HATE eachother with a Passion but somehow end up having a kid together)

@~<3 Mom~@
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Character profile for Raphsgirl

Here's an updated profile for Raphsgirl

Name, Raphsgirl
Nicknames,Psyho Babe,Bad Babe,Grumpy,Hotheaded WackBag,
Colour of eyes,Brown
Birthplace, Manchester,England

Gender,Female human/Mutant Turtle(Female)

Fave Colour,Red

Occupation, Singer in a Girl Band

Boyfriend, Raphael
Fave Food, Pizza,cereal

Hobbies, Singing in the Band,Riding her motor Bike

Lives,New York,In a unused underground Station


Bad Guys beware this Turtle is on the Warpath she sure can know how to use
the Sais with her in your face Aititude what you see what you get.Don't get on her wrong side she has got a temper that goes off like a rocket, she wears a red Bandana just like her Boyfriend Raphael
She sings in a girl Band,She lives with her two friends who she knew when she was a human but now she Is now a mutant Turtle, she don't hide from
the outside world she walks with human friends in the human world and lives a life she had when she was human. she has got a motor bike just like her
Boyfriend Raphael
Nightwatcher is taken by me,NightwatchersOnlyGirl
Nightwatcher Is my boyfriend.
I love "My" Nightwatcher
Nightwatcher can put his boots under my bed anytime
Nightwatcher loves me!
NW is Mine
NW is so sexy
Forever Nightwatcher's....

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Name: Xendrak Kaine
Weight: 279 Lbs.
Height: 7'2
Looks: Muscular, Snarled face and just intimidating.
Nationality:Alien African.
Weapon:Uses hands but also uses a gigantic Hammer.
Whereabouts: Future NY.

Background: Born from an "Unnatural" Human/Alien Relationship, He always grew up ridiculed and such but once he hit puberty that all changed, Something changed inside him and he began lashing out in Murderous Rage and was Exiled from Africa, He moved to New York after the whole Saki/Rebels Fiasco and quickly took over the now exposed Criminal Underworld.

@~<3 Mom~@
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Lucas Villigrade

Age: 23 (2,095 in actuality)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eyes: hazel
Hair: black

Clothing: Black pants and boots; white, long-sleeved shirt; long, dark cloak
Physical Trait: ~none~

Skills: Specializes in hand-to-hand combat; highly proficient in swordplay (mostly fencing); carries a sleek epee

Powers: Immortal; Possesses the ability to transform into a plethora of animals

Strengths: High measure of stamina and durability brought on by transference of powers
Weaknesses: Reverting back to human form tires him terribly; although immortal, he can die via decapitation, burning, or being purged by a priest

Personality: Sharp and witty; can play along with any situation, whether it be comical or serious; is often seen with a perked eyebrow and at least one woman attached to each arm

History: Traveling a dark and remote dirt road with a "lady of the night" within the dark forests of England, Lucas Villigrade encountered a strange man with the promise of immortality. With a scoff, Lucas humored the man and decided to take him up on his offer, not believing that the stranger was serious in his claims. However, once stepping inside a small hut that he never noticed, one that seemed to appear out of nowhere, Lucas found nothing but a nightmare.

The stranger revealed himself to be a demon, and in doing so instantly vaporized the poor woman by Lucas' side. The demon then granted Lucas the power to contort his form to that of any animal he willed, complete with all the attributes that respective animal would provide. In addition, Lucas was able to keep his mind in control, and even converse with others if he so chose. Not only this, but the demon indeed gave Lucas everlasting life. But there was a price.

In exchange for this power, he must swear an oath to the denizens of Hell. That oath was to destroy as much life as possible, and upon his own death, to be sent to Hell itself and serve as leader of the those he has killed; leader of an undead army to be unleashed upon the living immediately. He was to swear to this oath, or die at the feet of the demon.

Lucas, in unbearable pain, and fearing death at such a young age, quickly swore the oath and received the power of the demon. He awoke the next day in a hayloft and ran home, fearing his fate for as long as air was in his lungs.

- Optimus Acid Trip - Cult of a Half-Shell - Raiden's Bitter Tongue -
I don't try to be funny; I fail at it naturally.

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Name: Felicia Hamato

Nickname: Licia

Species: Human Hybreed

Height: 5'3

Age: 23

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black

Powers: teleportion, shape shife and abiliy to go to other dimensions

Skills: Hand to Hand - Ninjutsu;

Weapons: Sais, Throwing stars, Katanas and anything I can get my hands on.

Fav. Weapon: Throwing stars

Clothes: Wears a teal blue bandanna, matching pads, brown belt

Bio:I am a half human half gorgoyle. I have a twin scars above me right eye. Most of my mom side of the family is killed and only us remain. My mom, my bro and me. My dad and half sister leaves another dimension. Been married to my husband Leo for two years and have 6 kids. All hybreeds like myself except for Rini who human.
RIP Mommy Angie! Se onr sverdar sitja hvass! (May your swords stay sharp!) - Eragon

Sig made by: Joe

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Might as well finally do myself.


Real name: Hamato Benvenuto
Nicknames: Ben, Benny, Ben-Ven, Captain
Alias: Undisputed
Height: 5'2
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: Mirage: early 30's
Archie: 17
Old Cartoon: 15
New Cartoon: 17
Movies: 17
Next Mutation: 18
Actual: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Mutated turtle
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None

Clothing: Clothing - Leather belt, white headband, matching knee and elbow pads (or black or dark grey pads), and a modified Naginata staff strapped to the back of the shell.

Skills: Ninjitsu, hand-to-hand combat, weapon training, can run along walls for short periods of time, jumping abilities, swimming, acrobatics, extraordinary mastery of the videogame.

Strengths: Advanced hand-eye coordination. Speed. Rivals Michelangelo as the fastest Turtle of the clan. Creativity.

Weaknesses: Sometimes his videogame world can hinder his reality, thus, his performance in the real world can be blocky.

Personality: Laid-back, fun-loving, has freedom of mind. Pretty much the other 4 Turtles' personalities rolled into one, with slighted differences. The 'adaptive' Turtle.

History: You know the real origin of the TMNT? Just add him in there. Piece of cake.

EDIT: Thought I'd add a pic, courtesy of the Masked Ninja.

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Hey Ben...i've gotta PM you when i get another one of those Caffeine-induced brain storms.

Your Character intrigues me...

@~<3 Mom~@
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Heh. Thanks. That's all I wanted to do.

And to think, I didn't even need a complex backstory.

"Travel at the speed of light... then hit the nitro!"
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To do it like Ben,
Leonardo the 2nd or myself :

Real name: She has got no real name. She is only called Leonardo the second, because she is the clone of Leonardo.
Nicknames: Leo, LeoII, L2
High: 5
Weight: with shell 65 kg
Age: actual 24
Produced: A few years ago ( the exact number of years is not known )
Gender: Female
Species: Turtle
Eyes: Mix of green and blue
Hair: None
Location: Sewers of Germany

Clothing: Leather-belt with the shortcut "L2", blue bandanna with black tips, blue elbow and knee pads with black spots.

Weapons: Two Katanas ( one black, one white, like yin and yang ) strapped on her back

Skills: Ninjutsu, but she is still at the beginning, quickness, swimming, it's easy for her to concentrate to everything ( she still had not enough time to develop more skills, because she isn't long enough on earth )

Strengths: Knows exactly how to use her katanas, creativity, musical

Weaknesses: Takes her failures personally, very sensible, has a big lack of self-confidence

Personality: very serious, bossy ( some people have got a problem with this ), patient, loves her katanas very much, a bit stubborn, selfless, is a little perfectionist when it comes to ninjutsu and painting, likes to sit behind her PC to write to the people at the Drome-forum

And to the end: Her history: Somehow Donatello did a mistake with one of his experiments. He wanted to test something on Leonardo and the result was a female clone of him. Raph had had a problem with "two Leos" and so she prefered to emigtate to germany. Especially Master Splinter and Leonardo wanted her to stay, but she didn't want to disturb the little family.
Her secret wish is it to go back to New York, to her real family.

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Name: Ironfist
Age: not known
high: 6
Weight: 80 with shell
Weapons: claws coming from his hands
Gender: male
species: Turtle
Eyes: REd
Hair: none
location: allways running from his past

Black Bandana
Black baseball cap
sunglasses to cover his red eyes
Leather Belt with I on it.
Wrists around his knees & ellbows

Skills: he can fight against foes twice thez size of him & take it down with little effort. allthough he can sneak like the best he's true skill is fighting with his barehands

Personallity: Cynical, sometimes arrogant, allways ready for a fight & is easily aggitated. but he cares about those who mean him no harm

Strengths: One pof the Best Melee Fighters Around.

Weakness: Trust strangers, easily aggitated, thinks he can allways win

Not much is known about him.
He only remembers to be born in a lab under command of the foot-clan.
But once they left the scientists continued their research & created the perfect melee fighter...Ironfist
He learned the skill of fightring at a early age & was given a will of it's own.
Allthough he stayed inside the lab facilties he was glad untill he heard that the project ( Ironfist) was a faillior so they had to kill him.
This made Ironfist so mad that before the security could even grab their weapons, he killed them as swift as shadows. He was able to break free & ran into the streets of NY...

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Name: Blaze
Weight: 321 lbs
Height: 6' ft. 5
Species:Genetically enhanced human
Hair: Barely any but Stringy Blonde
Personality: Blank, Soul-less
Powers: Ability to generate fire from his Forearms

Appearance: Two freakishly big forearms that contain some secret, His face is weathered but nonetheless intimidating.

Background: Formally known as Charles Austin, he was captured by the foot's genetic branch. Although he was a foot soldier himself, he was punished for supposedly helping the one called "Stryker" escape from the compound. They then transformed him into a freak of nature. A tool for destruction.

@~<3 Mom~@
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Name: Jennifer Waters
Nicknames: Orchid
Age: 21
Gender: female
Species: Humanoid Turtle
Previous Species: Human
Nationality: American
Eye color: Green
Hair color: None. But it used to be midnight black
Skin color: orchid green
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 170lbs with her shell
Clothing: Even as a turtle she wears human clothing. Hip-hugger jeans, a loose tie-die blue shirt, sometimes glasses and thongs
Physical traits: Apart from her mutation, the green eyes that she was born with stand out from everything else

Skills and powers: No powers. But she is a great debater, quick reflexes and is a great problem solver

Advantages: She is highly intelligent, sees eye-to-eye with Don a lot with his ideas and is a master at making plans, no matter what they involve and is very confident in whatever she says and does

Disadvantages: She hardly has any idea how to fight, making her almost defenseless if she is facing a group of thugs. She is also allergic to turtles

Personality: Happy and bubbly when there is nothing really going on, but she takes on a much serious and darker personality whenever something mysterious or dangerous pops up

History: Jennifer was a college student at New York. She would usually be the one leading protests on saving the environment, giving students things that they needed and wanted in their busy life and so on. Jennifer had the makings of a leader in these things and was head of her school’s debating team. Then one night, she saw an add in the paper that would ‘help the environment’. Little did she know that there were several ads like this in various papers, all with different messages for the same thing. Thinking she could help the environment, Jennifer gladly signed up for it. As she walked on in with her debating pack that she was supposed to bring, she was knocked out and brought to an operating table where DNA collected from Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael was merged with her own DNA. The project’s motive is this - to create the ultimate fighting warriors. Since they had encountered the turtles, they collected their blood from a fight to use on a person. Fortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. Maybe it was because she was the first experiment. Maybe the equipment was malfunctioning. Whatever the reason, Jennifer woke up as a humanoid turtle. Taking this as calmly as possible, she leapt from the table and ran outside, hiding in the shadows. Because of the turtle’s DNA in her, she has quick reflexes. But that’s from the animal side, gaining nothing from our heroes in green. After dropping out of college, she then encountered the turtles. Mike thought that her eyes looked like the leaves in an orchid, so she now calls herself that to others. Only ones that Orchid can trust know her old name as Jennifer. Now that she’s taken up residence in the turtle’s lair, she is the one that makes plans for attacks on the lair or on other places, rearranging rooms and such. Even though Orchid is a bit of a dead weight in fights (much to Raph’s annoyance), she’s currently learning ninjitsu from the group to defend herself properly

"So. The whole lot of you against little old me? How retarded."

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Name: Lord of Dragons
Race: Human-Dragon (but looks human)
Afflication: Good
Weapons: twin swords,crossbow & Dragons
Height: 1m 80
Age: 4000 years (doesn't even look old)
Eyes: black
Weight: unknown

clothing: Wears a cape,black t-short,pants & a black hat.
personalilty: lone wolf,knows when to quit.
Friends: met Ironfist a while ago.doesn't have many friends.

History: not much is known about LoD's history.
but the earliest sightings of him were in a egyptian town 3000 years ago & he even said he was allready 1000 years old. He told tales about being he was saved bye a black dragon when bandits attacked his hometown.
the comon people belived he was mad & ignored him.
Over the years he became a pro in vampire-hunting & killing creatures of the night.Now in the 21st century he hunts down the evil that stalks the streets & protects the innocent.
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Name: Zenrik Reptilia
Nickname: Cobra
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid Serpent
Previous Species: Human
Eye color: Used to be light brown. Now what used to be the whites are yellow and the pupil is a single black slit like a cat’s
Hair color: None. Used to be dirty blonde
Height: As is usual form, 6’2” because of the snake in him. As a cobra, he is just like a normal cobra. The same for his weight
Weight: 168lbs in his usual form
Clothing: Graying white shirt with cargo pants. As for his shoes, sneakers for going about, lazing about he wears his sandals. When he goes out, he puts on a holographic device disguised as a wrist watch and sets it to make it put on an image just like his old self before he was mutated over his reptilian body
Physical traits: Scaly skin, yellow eyes, a forked tongue and sometimes a bit of a tooth coming out at his left hand side
Alignment: Neutral, but is usually hired by bad guys as a hit man

Skills and powers: He can turn into a cobra at will (giving him the nickname Cobra), quick reflexes, heightened senses and heightened agility, slow acting poison and lengthened teeth

Advantages: No matter what form he is in, he can bite with his long teeth, injecting a lethal poison that can kill. Unfortunately because of his previously harmless form, it paralyzes for about 24 hours before the poison starts to kill. The quickest way to reverse the affects is by feeding Cobra’s poison into the victim’s mouth while they are paralyzed. Cobra also has quick reflexes, heightened senses and high dexterity due to his mutation

Disadvantages: He is cluster phobic - afraid of small and confined spaces. It’s hard when most of his missions depend on him going snake and sneaking about in these small and confined spaces, but if he doesn’t stay in them for long he is fine. He also has made numerous attempts to take his own life, ashamed for what he is in his eyes and everyone he meets - a freak. He also doesn’t know who to trust at any given time. He just does what he is told to by the people who have hired him

Personality: Cobra is usually the strong and silent kind of type. But he can be easily agitated due to his cluster phobia. He means well, but he just wants to survive in a cruel world that looks down upon him, so he puts himself down and is usually depressed. But despite all of this, whenever he his around women this all is hidden by Cobra’s flirtatious personality

History: Zenrik Reptilia had a promising life. He had a family, friends and what-not. As he left high school, people began to notice change about him. Zenrik stopped being sensible and started spending his family’s money on useless things and fancy cars. Soon he was asked to move out by his father after he threw a party at the house, resulting in disaster - a friend had been almost drowned in the pool by none other than Zenrik himself. So he moved to New York where he rented out an apartment with the limited amount of money his parents gave him. His family and old friends had never talked to him since. After applying for various jobs, he was desperate for money and agreed to take part in an experiment that would give him cash. It was the same one Orchid went to. This time, they used a wild animal’s DNA - a cobra’s. When he came out of the lab, he had turned into a humanoid mutant snake. When he saw himself for the first time, he cried out. A nurse tried to calm him down, but his snake instinct reacted instantly when he saw the two hands waving about and bit her. 24 hours later, the nurse died of a ‘snake bite’. Zenrik, after biting the nurse, then wondered to the streets, wondering what had happened to him. Thankfully, the incident occurred on Halloween so he didn’t look strange among the people wearing costumes. Until he got a holographic device that he wore on his wrist, he hid his shame with a mask and cloak in public and only dared to venture out at night. After afew months testing his new skills, he put himself for hire on the black market as a hit man as a ‘last resort’ when all else fails under the name of ‘Cobra’. Cobra soon discovered that he could shape shift into a snake and went into the government’s high-tech gear to get the holographic device that he now wears on his wrist whenever he is out in public. It’s set it so that whenever he uses it, it turns into an image of his previous self. Cobra now calls the local blind institute home, so no one would see him. Even there he uses the name Cobra among the innocent and actually has friendly conversations with the others until visiting hours are open. Other than that, nobody really knows that he exists…

"So. The whole lot of you against little old me? How retarded."
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Name: Sable Clawson

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: mutant Cat

Ethnic background: Mexican American

Physical description: Has short blue black hair to her shoulder. Has dark brown eyes a scar on her right eye and has a Thundar Cat tat on left arm.

Clothing: Always wear black pants with a white tang top.

Family: Has no living family members.

Current living arrengements: Makes her home at abanded house.

Income: Works as waitress at a local dinner.


human skills: ninjitsu training, driving skills, and Sai mastery

mutant skills: sharp retractable claws, shape shift, and angel like wings

Flaws: My major flaws are trusts nobody, too senitive about things, and very pig headed at times.

Goals: revenage her mother's death.

Friends: don't need any.

Enemies: The Purple Dragons

Mode of transportation: Drive a Black TransAm

Weapon: One pair Sais

Background: Sable lived her life with her mother and she was murder right before her eyes. She hate the Purple Dragons because they killed her and wants revenage on them. She was taken in a by another mutant cat named Sabor who taught her the way of Ninjitsu. Her master given her a pair of Sais as a gift. So always carried them with her at all time. She loves to leave alone.
RIP Mommy Angie! Se onr sverdar sitja hvass! (May your swords stay sharp!) - Eragon

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Black Angel

Name: Black Angel "Real name: Liz Maxwell"

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Race: human girl

Ethnic background: Hispanic/Japanese

Physical description: 5'0,slim, meduim length wavy dark hair-green eyes and a lovely oilve skin tone

Clothing: Always dresses cute in XOXO or Rampage brand clothing, but usually wears the Black Angel ninja uniform when with the turtles.

Family: Mult- billioniare Jonathan Maxwell (Father-alive) Joel Maxwell (middle brother), Michael Mixwell (Oldest brother), Chris Maxwell (second middle brother), Ami Maxwell (mother-deceased, orignal Black Angel)

Current living arrengements: Park avenue Penthouse in NY

Income: daughter of mult-billioniare Jonthan Maxwell

Skills: Taekondo and Karate (being trained in Ninjestu by Splinter & turtles)

human skills: ninjitsu training, driving skills, TaeKwonDo, cooking,cleaning, art work

mutant skills: n/a

Flaws: Orignally from Texas, BA (Liz Maxwell) isn't used to the life in NY, BA is would rather talk and analyze before taking action.

Goals: revenage her mother's death and become successful warrior like her mother

Friends: the TMNT, April,Casey and anyone who becomes good.

Enemies: The Purple Dragons, Bishop andanyone who threatens her family, friends and the turtles

Mode of transportation: Anything Don makes her (in the future gets her wings)

Weapon: Sword of the spirit

Background: Liz Maxwell is the daughter of mult Billioniare Jonthan Maxwell who travels the world. Liz Maxwell and her brothers often spend time alone with each other in Texas or whatever their hearts desire. On a work related trip to New York, Jonthan Maxwell left his children alone and left for Japan. The Maxwell siblings decided to explore New York. 1 Night, Liz Maxwell saves Klunk from getting run over and is welcomed by the turtles. Upon meeting Splinter, he falls ill and Liz offers assistance to him. While Splinter's away recovering, Liz takes the turtles to Texas but it was orignally a trap that fails when the power of kindness and friendship changes Liz Maxwell's plans.
Liz returns the Turtles to New York, the turtles help her save her brothers, while she saves Splinter and their human alley friends.
Forgiven in time, Liz Maxwell becomes part of the lives on the turtles and wins each of their hearts.
Recently Liz Maxwell discovered the "Star Temple", "The Black Angel uniform, the sword of the spirit, and the truth of her mother's death. Heartbroken by the news that her mother was a warrior and killed by The Shredder and the foor soilders, Liz decided to escape to London to begin her fashion design career. But before she can abord her flight, Casey arrives with a gift. Liz returns to the turtles and begins her new life as the new Black Angel in honor of her mother.

]~You'll always be #1 in my heart~

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