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Top Christmas toys 1920–2020

I found this a couple of days ago. A travel through time, with all the toys children wanted for Christmas through the years. Toys who dominated the holiday seasons.

Did you have any of these toys (many of them were sold much later)? To me, it was mostly LEGO, TMNT action figures and video games for the NES and, later, Super NES.

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I think I found that same site a few years ago along other articles, while doing research I saw that while there are some definite easy to tell christmas toy of the year like Power Rangers in 1994, furbies in 1998 i think, tickle me elmo, etc, some years have no definite winner. I mean I was able to find sources of every nintendo console was the christmas gift of the year, yes including the Wii U.

I'm guessing some of those articles are written without actual knowledge and don't do enough research so many years have incorrect or "not quite" right toys in that spot even if they were popular. For example that article you posted has incorrect pictures for the toys they're mentioning having a random 2000 power ranger show for the 1994 one and a mc donalds happy meal tamagotchi figure instead of a tamagotchi, so not very reliable. But yeah I wasn't able to find a great article about it that seemed 100% legit. sorry for the xmas eve rant.
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