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Would a Battle Nexus Movie work?

Okay, with all the talk over the past couple of years over what made the previous two TMNT movies suck, there's something I've been wondering about, when the inevitable next version is eventually made, does anyone else think starting with an adaptation of the Battle nexus saga work as a film? A tournament story is one of the main staples of martial arts films, and I think the next movie being an adaptation of this story Arc from the 4kids series would be an excellent film.

I like the idea of the turtles one night secretly following Master Splinter when he sneaks out of the lair, and following him through a portal to the battle Nexus. I think it would be neat if Splinter had been secretly competing in the tournament all these years while the turtles were growing up, and he had learned martial arts from the Tengu who run the battle nexus, the original creators of the art of ninjitsu. It's be awesome to have the turtles compete in the tournament, and who could bring in all these different turtle characters from across the galaxy to compete in the tournament- Rat king, Slash, Leatherhead, Batxer Stockman fly, Aska, Mon Lisa- the sky's the limit!

And for those who want more martial arts in a TMNT film- nothing showcases martial arts like a martial arts tournament. Awesome matches, like Splinter vs. the Rat King, or Raph vs. Slash. Throw in a plot about the ultimate Ninja trying to size power from his father, the Daimyo of the battle Nexus, and the other villains helping him to steal the Daimyo's war staff, and I think you'd have an amazing film! So my question is, would something like this even work? Could you have special effects by Jim Henson's creature workshop, helping with CGI touch-ups, and make an amazing martial arts club on a decent budget?

I know I'm probably dreaming, and we'll probably get another reboot. But it's such a GOOD dream, and I wonder if anyone else would like something a little more amazing than another recycled origin; heck with the bit about Splinter having a past fighting in the battle Nexus tournament (and Hamato Yoshi a competitor, according to the 4kids series), you could actually cover part of the Origin here. So am I the only person who would love to see this incredible concept from TMNT cannon adopted, or woudl a martial arts tournament for a TMNT film be an awesome Idea?

(and no, this isn't fanfic stuff, the Battle nexus was a cannon story)
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