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Tarris Vaal
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Sophie Campbell signed artworks

Not sure if this is necessarily the best place to put this but just so the comic reading side of the community is aware -

As I'm sure some are aware, there is currently a Kickstarter for a new IDW based TMNT board game to replace/update the older Shadows of the Past game;

That's all by the by - but it was recently confirmed that Sophie Campbell, one of the artists for IDW and in particular Alopex, will be signing copies of the Alopex Character card included in the stretch goals as a $25 add on for the 'all in' pledge.

Its not been particularly well advertised, nor has the site updated yet (at least at the time of this posting) to reflect this. However the details are on the facebook page and among the comments on the Kickstarter.

As I know some people are very keen collectors of autographed material and this hasn't been made very well known yet, I thought I would try to do my bit to pass the message around.

Even if you're not interested - its a cool looking game based on the IDW comics - go check it out
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