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Da Foot
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DAFOOT Soldier

Based on a gag of the incarnation of TMNT by archie comics, here's a new army of foot soldiers, literally.
The base of the figure is, obviously, the foot soldier of the original line with some new details. Everything else was created from scratch. The heads (feet) were modeled by hand, while the accessories were made in 3d software.
Then the cast of everything was made with pu resin and after that everything was painted with acrylic paints.
They have 6 joints, 4 of them magnetic, which allows changing the heads, which are 3: a normal foot, a mutant/zombie nasty foot, and regular foot solider head with a more expressive look.
We also created a cardback and a collector card in the good style of playmates.
I hope you like it.
For more details and pictures just search for DAFOOT toys on IG. Thanks!




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Ha that is pretty cute!
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Slime State Alumni
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Nice! Excited about future releases.
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