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I would say literally none of the summer shorts would count as being part of this show, if anything, most of them seem like pilots for various potential reboots before they settled on Rise. Some of them can't actually be pilots for a reboot of course, it would be stupid to think something as haphazardly slapped together like Boulangerie was a serious attempt to pitch a new show and the Team-Up shorts are numerous enough for me to think they're just some weird attempt to test some kind of loophole in regards to the FW rights, but Don vs Raph, Take Time, Pizza Friday, Mecha and Strike Hard all seem like something you could easily build on.

It's true that (if you ignore the differences in art style and casting) some of these could fit into the continuity of the 2012 show because there are aren't many big contradiction there, it's just that you also have to accept things like how the Kraang suddenly have a very different alien speech pattern from their establish alien speech pattern, it just seems like whatever similarities are there (such as April being a teenager) are there because Nickelodeon might have preferred keeping a similar approach going forward.

As for Mecha specifically, I'm not sure I'd buy the idea that the ending of Carmageddon leads to high tech world. Literally just finding a lake to live by was the ending to that episode, not recovering lost technology or anything like that. And I'm pretty sure Mike already went completely over the edge there.
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Carmageddon was absolutely meant to be the end. I just think that anything could happen in a quarter century, and with the large mutant population and Cipes as Mikey, it’s the only summer short you could argue would maybe fit in the continuity.

I’m pretty sure Mutant Apocalypse was all out in the Midwest, for whatever reason. For all we know, there could have been an effort to rebuild NYC going on already.

I just think it’s worth noting on the timeline, especially since they gave us the actual year. It’s a little less bleak than the guys just living out their days in the oasis.
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Updated for Ciro’s latest short story in the 40th anniversary comic.

It’s exactly 5 years after “The Invasion”, so December 2018 by my count. Which is about a year and a half after season 5 (not counting Mutant Apocalypse obviously).
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