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Over on Robo's channel, Brian said they wouldn't have physical samples at SDCC, which is a real bummer, but apparently the preorder window is going to be extended a bit.

He also talked himself in circles over how much he hates that double-jointed articulation.
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Wave 10 arrived!

Quick thoughts...

Mailer box and sleeve are gone, I'm okay with that. Casey has a whole new packaging sleeve as a Mirage figure and the classic Eastman & Laird logo. Box copy is a repeat from wave 4/vintage toy.

Karai, the Foot's Femme Fatale and Ninja April, Newscaster turned Foot-slasher both have new bios that feel like they were written in the 90s.

Mirage Casey Jones

Nothing really new here, but a solid repaint. The alt head is fun, but I really wish he got a fully unmasked head. Waist is still weird. Accessories bend too easily, and I do kind of miss the absurd toy colors.

Classic Rocker Leo

Highlight of the wave, a fun variant that perfectly walks the line of "what you remember" while making some creative updates. The double neck guitar is a blast, the clam pizza is a fun addition, and the pointing and picking hands are great - I just wish they used the same peg system as the first Leo! Eyes closed head is fun.

Ninja April
Fun variant, feels like something out of the vintage line. Each head looks great, and the skin tone is much better from the first release. Weapons are a lot of fun too as a "what if" but take extra care when first moving her around - she has a gumminess that reminds me of NECA. Articulation is as expected.

My most anticipated figure of the wave - Karai deliveries on almost everything I wanted. She shares most of her body with April but the repaint and torso cover do a lot to hide it. Each head looks great, but the scarf is a bit of a miss - the fabric is too thick. I must have missed that in the original solicit that it was softgoods because I thought it was going to be a plastic piece that went over the neck.

Alternate heads are fun for masked and unmasked variants. The Foot Ninja head is great... except her neck is exposed. I really wish she had been constructed with an alternate neck so we could get a more classic Foot Ninja look because then I would have absolutely grabbed a few more of her.

It's worth noting for both Karai and April, they look much better when they aren't under studio lighting like when people record YouTube videos. Harsh lighting really makes them look more transparent than they are under normal light.

All-in-all, for Super7's first attempts at vintage-but-not figures, Karai and April feel close but feel more like they're from the first few years of the line, not what the line eventually became with asymmetrical designs by 1993.

If either Karai or April had been in the vintage line, they probably would have had throwing stars tucked into their belts, knives in their boots and tears in their gear - but if you look at figures like Slash, Fugitoid or Walkabout, they fit right in (as much as any humans can).

All that said, it's rough having a full wave without any unique character vintage additions to the line. The absence of Rat King is really felt.

Karai is the closet to a must have in this wave (it's crazy to think she didn't debut in the comics until the end of 1992), Classic Rock Leo is a great figure but a variant all the same, and if you skipped Ninja April or Mirage Casey, you wouldn't notice in the long run.

Okay, maybe those thoughts weren't so quick.
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