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I'd love for either Leo or Raph to have reading glasses (so it's not all the time) if they must give glasses to someone. Get rid of the overdone stereotype and just make it an unexpected surprise.

I mean if it was Leo... be still my beating heart. lol For bookworm Leo it would make sense. But if Raph's not much of a reader, maybe he wouldn't realize his closeup isn't great, so yeah, maybe instead he needs reg ones instead for nearsightedness.

Speaking of motorsports... Donnie and Raph have been given so little to nothing to have in common, I keep waiting for them to both be gearheads, even if from diff angles, to give them something to bond over.
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Leo is a bookworm and like to read many of ancient eastern books, which make sense. Even calligraphy is his hobby. Aside from Splinter, he is probably the best at reading and writing Kanji among the four.
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