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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
See man your Technodrome there is physical proof why we need a 3 3/4" TMNT line. Imagine a TMNT line as fleshed out as 80's G.I. Joe ARAH. I mean, I know your 3-D prints there are smaller, but they just speak to the reality of what a 4" TMNT line could really be.

It's actually borderline insanity that someone like Playmates always stuck with the "retard scale" instead of a 3 3/4" or 4" line.
I've been wanting to get someone to make a proper 1/18 scale TMNT for years. All I've seen were 2012 series model kits from Bandai and the overpriced rigor mortis things from ReAction.
LOOKING FOR Japanese TMNT video game manuals (specifically TMNT2/3 NES, all on Game Boy, TMNT4/RoS), or just scans

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Originally Posted by Dask View Post
I think the main issue is that a few years ago there really weren't great alternatives. Figuarts prematurely abandoned their TMNT line, which could have made them a fortune (I bet they are kicking themselves after seeing the success of NECA and Super7), Playmates was rapidly spiraling downhill and Revoltech was relatively expensive (not to mention that not everyone was interested in the 2012 line - their angular aesthetic doesn't translate all that well in toy form).

While this 5KToys Turtle Van is better than the Playmates, is more toon accurate than the Super7, it still lacks the finesse and craftsmanship that you would find in an officially licensed product. Let's say, hypothetically, that NECA got intimidated by the backlash to the Super7 Party Wagon, and decides to veto their Turtle Van project (or decides to make the Channel 6 News Van instead), this 5KToys Turtle Van would then be the ideal option (at least from a cost or toon fidelity perspective). However, it's very likely that the NECA version will have a price tag around the same ballpark.
Yup, essentially this is what I would have said too.

No one is 'dissing 3rf party companies' but honestly with as much official stuff coming out, and this from a company totally unproven, why throw money at them.

For me it was the comparison that "WOW this is better and cheaper than S7". Well yeah it is cheaper, it isn't official but A. no one knows what the quality of this thing will be and B. it so far isn't for sale at retailers i consider reputable like BBTS so I am not willing to gamble on that.

I OWN and bought that 3P Krang from BBTS and love it! and at the time that was the only way I figured I would ever own something like that. However, I never bought the shredder since I just didn't like it and by then we knew Neca was back in the TMNT game.
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5k just announced it has now been delayed until sometime after CNY:

Updated video preview in the link.
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