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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
So can someone explain the legalities of that one to me? I thought Playmates was generally stingy with the TMNT license, which is why NECA and Super7 only get to do theirs in small numbers and outside of regular mass-market retail? Hasbro is another mass-market retail toy company, and so it kind of baffles me how they'd end up making nice with Playmates in order to do the MMPR cross-over line. Were those figures only sold online, or something? I confess, I don't pay that close attention, which is why I'm asking.

I mean, I guess it's not unheard of. Both McFarlane and Spinmaster are doing DC toys at the moment, and both at retail, but I think the variable there is that they're in no way "competing" with each other, as the McFarlane stuff is high-end collectible stuff and the Spinmaster stuff are 4-inch toys for very young children, so they're only barely even playing the same "sport", as it were.

I'unno, all the rights stuff with licensed toys can be very confusing.
Once Nick bought tmnt the whole toy world opened up for other companies.

Nick, when buying the brand, honored the exclusive contract but put in more caveats.

Playmates has the master license but that only really gives them first right of refusal. What that means is this. If someone wants to make shogun tmnt figures for instance playmates gets to say they want to do it first. They also have to show an effort that they are doing it and not just say they are.

But if they pass then someone like super7 Could do it as part of their shogun line.

Also lots of these collector 2packs like the release ones with triceratops and shredder etc or the cobra Kai and SF2 packs are all about keep other companies doing tmnt like S7 and neca OUT of the toy isle. These are playmates way of saying “look we have collector tmnt product in this scale (6 or 7 inch) and at the same price point so neca can’t do it because we are making an effort so therefore they can’t be here”

That why neca’s product is classified as collectibles and not toys.

But nick is having less and less of playmates **** hence why we have been getting more and more product over the course of them buying tmnt.

Nick wants to make money and if they feel playmates is standing in their way of making more money they will push them aside. Case in point with the hasbro tmnt/power rangers packs. Playmates got very very scared that their grip and agreement may end hence we not see a rush of these cobra Kai and SF2 packs into market.
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