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Rise Official Episode Discussion S1 EP23 - One Man's Junk/Snow Day

One Man's Junk
The Turtles try to recover a piece of the Dark Armor from Repo Mantis' scrap yard

Snow Day
A ferocious mutant tries to ruin April and the TMNT's fun day in the snow.
My heart!!!! One of my favourite moments.

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One Man's Junk- Thought this episode was okay, Repo Mantis isn't my favorite villian on this show but he did have some funny lines here and there but the true star of this episode was funny enough his cat, I found its design to be cool and the animation was really awesome(which is a standard for this show). I also liked the running gag of Raph trying to do a physically taxing task only to pass out and find out that one of his brothers completed it in a more practical manner. While I still don't care for this incarnation of Leo I do enjoy how he is getting better with his sword with not only unlocking the bus but also countering Repo's mantis cat.

Snow Day- I found this really enjoyably and shows why I think that this show did the concept of "teenage" April way better than 2k12. Its funny during the first few episodes I didn't care for this April but I wound up liking her, its really nice having her just hanging out with the Turtles and just do casual stuff with them that doesn't have to do with crime fighting or the Kraang. I don't know how to feel about Ghostbear becoming a mutant since one of the reasons I disliked 2k12 is because they were too mutant heavy for my liking and while I know this show runs on "Rule of Cool" him having ghost powers was kinda dumb.

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I kinda like the kitty-mantis. About as random of an idea as you can get. o.O

Although Ghost Bear's mutation somehow being influenced by his name, not just his bear costume (sooo was that a real bear pelt?) is pushing it a bit much... About mutagen bringing a car to life level of much-ness.

Though if this series could actually make cute Turtle figures and actually did it accurate justice and good paint, I'd possibly buy a Leo variant with that winter outfit.
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Snow Day is so fun and cozy, one of my favorite episodes of RotTMNT
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