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View Poll Results: Your thought on Bishop being an Utrom in the Nick cartoon.?
Hated it, Utrom Bishop was a bad adaptation. 1 25.00%
Love it, Utrom Bishop was a good adaptation. 3 75.00%
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Your thought on Bishop being an Utrom in the Nick cartoon.?

I personally hated utrom Bishop, For me he was Bishop in name only.

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I don't think I would day that I "loved it". But I definitely thought that it worked.
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Well, it does kind of mess with his whole "gotta defend earth from the alien invaders" deal and skipping the villain angle entirely is a bit of a shame to be sure. At the same time, did anyone really think this show was going to be accurate given it's track record? I mean the Utrom race was initially depicted in it's entirety as an evil hive-mind faction named after Krang, rather than what they were in the comics, which isn't even pointing out what they did many other characters. And I guess technically Bishop was the sort of character who could rather easily shift between enemy and ally depending on the situation, even being an ally full time in Fast Forward.

Ultimately, I think they mostly did this because they realised the Kraang's android bodies looked like Bishop by coincidence, with very little reason beyond that. It would probably have made more sense to give the model white hair and call him Mortu instead, that would have been more appropriate.
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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I personally liked that change.

Instead of being a sadistic government agent who loved to torture lesser creatures, he became an Utrom version of Agent K.
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