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Anime style figurines and nendoroids

What anime-style figurines do you have? do you have any nendoroids?

here's a thread to share pics and information about them

I have a Sailor Mercury figurine and a small Hatsune Miku one in a Chinese-style outfit

(I say anime style because these sort of figurines can be made for characters not from anime like video game characters or the bishoujo versions of some horror movie characters,)
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I want a Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi figurine…

But they are just too darn expensive!
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Coola Yagami
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OMG too many to count.

But of my larger figures, I got an Ultra Instinct Goku, Super Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Goku and a 2-set of Goku and Freeza charging forward like they did against Jiren.

Also got a Bakugo figure, an Ochako figure and 2 Midoriya figures. Also 2 Kan'U figures from Ikki Tousen.

Then I have a smaller assortment of DBZ/Super mini figures.
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I don't usually buy figures for myself but recently I did buy myself one Anime character figure, I bought myself Yu-gi-oh Pharaoh (Kotobukiya)

I am newish to Anime and only recently discovered nendoroids, they are awesome, as are a lot of the high scale anime figures. There's an Inuyasha Nendoroid in my home but that's about it at the moment. I can see the number going up a little over time.

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