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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
None of the messages mentioned you specifically by name I'm assuming because they thought the post itself would inform me of who they were talking about.

PM me your email address and I will send you screen caps of the bodies of those emails (so as to keep the reporters anonymous) because it doesn't look like you can send attachments through PMs.
I appreciate your honesty there instead of continuing on context - glad I asked. Nah it's all here now in this thread. I'm over that one singular and dredged up from 2 years ago non-example that I've still apologized for.

-accused of something out of context for my normal patterns - just coming at a guy because I don't like a toy he likes? You guys can choose to believe I do that - but I don't.
-done in a thread that vanished because "oh IMJ was... protected"? By who? Certainly not f'n Voltron. And although I've never been at odds with Jester it's obvious that he's put off about the times I've had to galvanize myself against someone here. Jester has certainly never protected me on these boards. I don't have a problem with Jester, but don't make some mistake that I think he's ever been my ally - he hasn't.
-We find a complaint PM, but by association it must be me? I'm not named in this two year old "Post Report" though.

So look, I'll spell it out clearly - I'm not calling either one of you liars. But this is clearly a coordinated pushback that seems like "guilt by association" to me. There probably was a post of some kind. But I know how I think, I know what I do, and when I choose to do it - and I'd argue that Turo had his feelings hurt over nothing or that Turo said something somewhere that catalyzed whatever response he got from me.

What I do know is that in my entire life I don't think I could come up with even one example of myself literally bullying someone arbitrarily or being such a low-thought simp that I'd trash someone over something only because they "like something that I don't".

This fired shot from you guys in dredging up some two-year old, nothing burger post without real proof that I manhandled Turo in a blatant verbal assault. But I'll say it one last time - if I did something that hurt his feelings, I apologize for it. Now Turo - I've said it here several times. I said it authentically as well and I said it on good faith to whatever your now two-year old disdain for me is.

Originally Posted by Turo602 View Post
But I do want to make one thing clear, it's nothing new to me, so trust me, my feelings weren't hurt. Nor did I bring this up so I can get an apology, though I do greatly appreciate it, even more so that you lack the proper context and are still willing to take responsibility for it. Honestly, that means a lot. It's all water under the bridge to me and we've both had civil discussions since, which I admit, was odd to me after that first exchange
Forget my last lines there, then. I just saw this. Right on.

Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
this is how mature adults handle it. and it's always nice to see, and I wish there was more of it in places like twitter. Most of the folks gone from here did NOT act this way, and that's why it's a much nicer place now. and hopefully stays that way for a long time to come.

The ONLY reason any of us really got into politics at all, was because it forced it's way into our material. Now, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get away from it by design.

The Drome didn't get ruined because we where into politics. the way politics forced itself into communities is where things get out of hand.
Thanks for this. I'm sure somewhere there was a cohort of lurkers just eatin' this $#!( up not even having the capacity to understand how a guy like myself and a guy like Turo could banter, carry this on for three pages and both of us remain with enough tact and authenticity to still come out unscathed. And that lurker capacity I mentioned is my point about who I've been pushing back on in this place when I do it.

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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Any leftist would never want to be caught dead in there. Do you think a woke leftist would want the scarlet letter of having a Truth Social Account to be found out?
Tim Pool is always inviting prominent leftists to his podcast so that they could express their own opinions on certain topics, and most of them end up chickening out. Of course, after receiving and rejecting the invitation, they continue to crap on him and call him a far-right bigot without any solid evidence to prove their statements.
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