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Cool NECA TMNT Cartoon Paper Items

Hey folks,

I'm looking to (re)get my hands on the paper items that have come in the NECA cartoon TMNT stuff...

I need the following:
  • Bebop Stand-up (from style guide Leo/Donnie pack)
  • Turtle Blimp blueprint (from style guide Leo/Donnie pack)
  • Ransom note (from style guide Leo/Donnie pack)
  • Rocksteady Stand-up (from style guide Raph/Mikey pack)
  • Three comic books (from style guide Raph/Mikey pack)
  • Free Pizza flyer (from style guide Raph/Mikey pack)
  • Wanted posters (from cartoon diorama)

I think that's all of them, but if there's anything I left out, I'm interested in those too.

I already have the figures and all their plastic accessories, so I don't need those... I have them boxed up while my new display room is under construction, and I had all the paper items in what I thought was a safe place, but one of the cats must've knocked it off the shelf, and our new puppy found it and decided it'd make a good chew toy

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