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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by MrPliggins View Post
I used to tape the shows in the order of airing. It would be interesting to compare the order of my tapings to that "official" airdates list...because I do remember that "The Dimension X Story" aired first, not in the middle of the season on CBS. The tapes are long gone now, though.
Dimension X Story waa the CBS premiere episode aired. That I remember quite well.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
So Season 4 was one weird as hell scheduled season. Probably why that season has 40 whopping episodes and is the longest season of the show.
Originally Posted by Danetello View Post
Ok... But why was the animation different? Was it not produced by the same company?
Fred Wolf France animated the Euro episodes which is why they look quite iffy.

Fred Wolf Dublin animated the syndicated Season 4 episodes.

Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Dimension X Story waa the CBS premiere episode aired. That I remember quite well.
In the UK the first Season 4 episode shown was Son of Return of the Fly II which of course had better animation compared to the syndicated episodes from that season.
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