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that 3 inch spawn was sold in walmart (and i assume elsewhere) when the 90's spawn movie came out. there were a few options available, they were diorama sets that came with spawn, another char from the movie and the diorama set to make a scene from the movie. The one I remember best is the one with violator in it, spawns head has a ton of large spikes coming out so you can remake the scene where violator tries to bite his head off in the home lounge with the fireplace. I remember it because I thought it was so stupid to see the spawn toy with giant head spikes all over.

Anyway, the spawn was metal, not sure but I think the other figure was always metal as well, 15 bucks USD isnt a completely terrible price and rip off, but I wouldn't be happy with it and knowing it's broken I would never pull that trigger. random guess for an undamaged spawn from that line I'd assume 10-12 bucks shipped would be fairly reasonable

also that's why the figure didn't have spikes, movie spawn was spikeless but could generate whatever he wanted at will. (I don't think I ever realized he had no spikes at all when in "Normal" mode)

did some googling, here's the one i was talking about:

and heres yours:

I remember them being much bigger dioramas, I guess the packaging made it look a lot larger than what you get out of the box

Edit: heres another one MIB/MOC, I guess I was wrong about all that looked bigger bit and it was just wrong memory. My brain was telling me they were packaged in a cardboard box packaging horizontally next to the diorama, not clear plastic bubble stacked ontop of one another
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Thanks a whole lot for all the insight and info into this figure!
I have to say, at the time, i was extremely peeved and frustrated (As i thought the price the kenner "Predator" was $380 turned out to be $3800 (Converted to american dollars, that would be $24 USD.)
But the Spawn itself, it cost $300 Argentinean Pesos...that is roughly $2 U.S dollars, and i picked it up locally so there was no shipping involved...therefore, now that i am more calm, i am not seeing it as such an unreasonable deal anymore. I was just a bit heartbroken over the Predator figure, but oh well
You are right, i had to do some digging, but i found, this spawn, is from a playset, specifically, the "Alley" playset, the movie version to be exact, which as you said is why he has no spikes, although, i would have liked for them to have at least added his cape: eh, i could always make a custom cape for him out of red cloth...i can always remove it, it's not like i would glue it on, so the figure wouldn't be damaged further.
He is pretty small x'D the size of a g.i joe figure, 3 1/4 inches.

Either way, the material does seem quite may well be metal/die-cast or something. That or a pretty nice/sturdy plastic. Solid plastic, not hollow, for sure. It's a "McFarlane" brand figure, generally i don't get to buy those, too pricey for me n.n, definitely not spawn himself, up until now i only have 2 other mcfarlane figures ("The Maxx", and "Dr.Evil" from the movie 'Austin Powers'), so, seeing it this way...i feel happier with it

I have gotten the following items since my last post:

"TMNT (2007)" - 'Raphael': (Playmates)

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2014" - 'Leonardo': (*Playmates)
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2014" - 'Michelangelo': (*Playmates)

"Ducktales" - 'Launchpad McQuack' (Just Toys):
"Street Sharks" - 'Radical Bends' (Mattel):

"Las Tortugas Ninja TMNT #2" - (Published in spanish by NORMA Editorial, licensed by Mirage Publishing): (Inludes "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7-10, TMNT Micro-Series: Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello")
"Las Tortugas Ninja TMNT #3" - (NORMA Editorial): (Includes "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #11, #19-21, #28, Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2"
"Las Tortugas Ninja TMNT #4" - (NORMA Editorial): (Includes "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Incluye "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #48-53, Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4, )
"Las Tortugas Ninja TMNT #5" - (NORMA Editorial): (Includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #54-62)

*I think the 2014 figures are originals from the legit factory, quality, materials, & paint are the exact same as the Playmates brand release. Possibly resold without permission, from a 4-pack, or factory rejects. These are what i'd consider proper bootlegs: If you look closely at the photos, the look like they've been re-cast, and the paintjob is even shoddier than the originals...somehow those are the ones i would rather not buy. People's opinion on the definition of bootlegs vary: so i figured i'd clarify. These are fine by me, they were just unofficially sold without 'Playmates' consent, but they're ok otherwise...i don't even really like this movie nor out of the shadows to begin with so whatever.

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Bien por esos tomos recopilatorios de Norma, hace año pude hacerme con todos los tomos. Mi pesar es que son más pequeños que un cómics regular.
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Originally Posted by TMNachoT View Post
Bien por esos tomos recopilatorios de Norma, hace año pude hacerme con todos los tomos. Mi pesar es que son más pequeños que un cómics regular.
Gracias!Estoy contentisimo de al fin tenerlos (Bueno, tener 4 de los 5 jeje)
Si, eso es una gran lastima para los que en este momento solo podemos acceder a los comics editados en español, hubiese preferido el tamaño standard de 7"x10" pulgadas, como los que edito "Deux Studio" en el caso de Mirage TMNT V1, "Editorial Ivrea" en el caso de el comic de IDW, o sylvapen en el caso de Archie TMNT Adventures...fuera de eso, aun asi estoy contento ya que trae una gran cantidad de numeros y fue una gran oportunidad de conseguir los comics de Mirage en formato fisico en una situacion en la cual no puedo importar desde estados unidos
I've got this figure today,
"TMNT (2007)" - 'Leonardo': (Playmates, missing belt.)

Now i've got 3 out of the 4 ninja turtles!! ^^
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