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Request for images of NECA Target 2 Pack Accessories

Tried asking in the Neca Target 2 Pack thread but was told to start my own thread.

I am wondering if someone with the Turtle repaints could either send or post some clear shots or scans of the paper good accessories that came with these. I just want to print some up to display with my Comiccon set.

I am looking for pics of the front and back of the comic books, the ransom note and the blimp blueprints.

Mikey0 suggested a review on but the pictures were from an angle so if I tried to print them they would come out funky. I know at least one of the Bugman comics has a Creepy Eddy picture on the back but the one picture of it was slightly covered by a turtle's hand.

Any help would be great, I just want to have some to display without having to fork out cash for repaints at the same time.
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If you want to do it on your own, I?d be willing to part with my set. The paper items I mean and not the figures.
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Did you ever get the accessories? Or anyone know where to download copies of them?
I attempted to buy both sets a couple years ago (living in Australia, 2nd hand is the only way). I got Leo & Donnie but the Raph and Mickey 2-pack order got cancelled (about the same week they became rare!!!)

So now I'm hunting the paper accessories (or copies of) that come with Raph & Mickey. Any help?
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