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Originally Posted by DarkFell View Post
Okay, now that is epic. Thanks for sharing.
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Was reading through this thread again. LOL at one of the tags: "cybercubed the homophobe"

Personally, I am very fond of ole CyberCubed. He's a man's man.
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Wow, I just sat here and read through this thread in one sitting. So many things to comment on.

I think I like the shipping on this show since it's new to the TMNT universe. I remember searching for Turtle spoilers on the new movie and seeing someone talking about April and Donnie having a romance. I had to check it out and find out what they were talking about. I figured it was going to be fanfiction or something, but when I learned it was on the new animated show I had to see it for myself in order to believe it.

Then I find out that Leo has a crush too and I had to find out where and how this was taking place. That is what led me to this show. So, I guess you could say shipping is what led me to renew my obsession with these particular turtles.

As for the T-cest. I just found out about it a mere few months ago. I had no clue that it existed. At first I was shocked by it, and I'm not easily shocked by anything, but then it sort of made sense to me.

It seems there are two kinds of T-cest ideas(that I personally saw), one where the guys truly are in love and have a romantic relationship and one where they are just horny and have no one else to have sex with.

There was one example in particular that I found extremely humorous...
Where Raph and Leo are going to have sex and they are fighting over who was going to be "on top" that go round. I had to laugh because it was typical of them to argue and fight over everything and even that turned into an incident. That particular episode of T-Cest was apparently a non romantic one.

I've heard some fans say that no romance is the best policy for the guys, but honestly, would any Joe Henry go without romance, love or sex their whole lives? Would training, fighting bad guys and hanging out with your family be enough?

I think about Raph in this series and it appears that he has accepted the fact that he will never fall in love or have a girlfriend and neither will his brothers even though they are having a tougher time accepting that idea. Raph seems more than content to spar, fight, eat and do other things he considers fun. It's almost as if he does that to keep his mind off of the reality of the situation, which is why I personally want him to get a love interest. I want to see how he deals with it when he's the one who likes a girl.

While I'm not into the T-Cest scene myself, I could easily see it coming to that since they are isolated and they do not have constant access to girls. I could see it sort of slowly becoming something sexual during an innocent thing, like bathing or sleeping together, and they do truly share profound love for each other as brothers and fellow mutants.

However, if girls ever did start to show up in their lives, they might decide that is the route they'd rather go. But then we have the whole Human/Mutant, or more aptly named bestiality theme to deal with. Then there is the whole Leo and Karai being related as well, even though they are not related by blood, people are still thinking it's wrong.

No matter how you go, there is some controversy to any of them getting some loving. Except when they are with other animal mutants. That might be considered acceptable. No matter what, in the end, I just want the guys to be happy, they deserve to love and be loved no matter what capacity they find it in.

Whew! Sorry this is so long, I guess it's something I've never discussed before and now it's all just coming out of me.
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Why are people saying Leo and Karai are not related?
The turtles touched Splinter before they got mutated. They must have at least a little of his DNA.
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Good post, aliena - I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the different types of shipping within the fandom.

Creator of the Technodrome After Dark Discussion Group. PM for an invite (must be over 18 - no exceptions).
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cybercubed the homophobe, cybercubed thinks deep

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