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Time frame between movies

Gotta question on the timeframe between movies. How long were the turtles living in Aprils apartment? When did the Shredder actually wake from his coma in the garbage heap? I mean it feels like we're seeing two different time frames or a flash back.
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This has come up a thousand times (not snapping at you, just explaining/reminding). It's one of the biggest gripes people have about the second movie and it's been brought up and discussed for ages. In truth, nobody really knows or ever will, because all of the evidence is contradictory.

There's stuff which suggests it could only have been a couple of days - the Foot soldiers are acting like they literally just got their asses kicked yesterday, and how long was Shredder really living in that junkyard subsisting on garbage droppings before he decided to make a Dramatic Reveal? Also, his new facial cuts look pretty fresh - but the fact that April very clearly has been living in her new apartment for quite some time completely contradicts that. She's been there long enough to build rapport with the neighbors and Keno has clearly been delivering pizza to her for quite a while.

Realistically, it HAD to have been a month at the absolute least. But it's a bad movie and so there's some nonsense that contradicts that. And, since it's a bad movie, they don't bother to clarify it at all.

SUCH a bad f*cking movie. Fun, sure, but... awful. Literally could have been written by a child.

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