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As long as i live, you will not leave this place alive!!!!!!

Just kidding. How you doin? I'm DownwardSpiral, I've been a TMNT fan since 2012 since I grew up on the first two seasons of that show. And even before then my exposures to the franchise was the 2003 iteration in early childhood, thinking to myself "Ninja Turtles! That's crazy!...but they sure look badass". I even caught the 2007 film on TV a year before the 2012 show dropped. It was really 2012 that I had a proper introduction to the franchise, and overall cemented me as a Turtles fan. I love this franchise and while I'd never say my investment went away, Mutant Mayhem (despite how I have criticisms with the film) has reignited my love for this franchise, and as ironic as it seems from my PFP, I haven't watched 2003 and currently am in the middle of season 3, thanks to the handy box set. And not to mention wanting to consume more of this franchise since there are the Mirage comics I haven't read, or Rise and the 80s show I haven't seen either, but now's the best time to since this franchise turns 40 this year! The perfect time to love being a Turtle!

I'm an avid talker and love debating and discussion Turtles, it's going to be fun!

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