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Seasons 3 and 4 Boxes 1 and 2 DVD's

I have spare Australian Season 3 and 4 box sets I'm looking to give away if anyone is interested. Some of the discs have a bunch of scratches on them. I was having skipping and frezzing issues with some of the episodes on the LG DVD player I have but they worked perfect on my PS3 and when I tried them out on a Sony DVD player they worked without any issues. If anyone has a PS3 or Sony DVD player and would be interested in them let me know. I haven't tried them out on my Panasonic 4K player yet. The DVD's are region free. I'm not sure about taking them to my local game shop to have the discs cleaned because I did that for one of the discs from my X-Men animated series box set which made the disc worse, I ended up having to buy a replacement disc.
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