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Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman View Post
I know but the 4Kids Karai WAS the very first version of Karai to appear in an animated TMNT series.
Not good enough of an argument.

For example, just because Thanos is more well known as of last year because of Infinity War, that doesn't mean the almost 50 decades of Thanos appearences before that movie are somehow irrelevant. When we get a reboot of the MCU we're not gonna pretend Thanos was introduced 2012, he was introduced in 1973 and that's a fact that can't be dismissed.

Likewise, nobody's gonna pretend Karai was introduced in 2004 rather than 1992. That would be absurd.

Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman;1826002
Karai in the Mirage comics, a much older and more bitter version of Karai.
If you're talking about characterization, yes absolutely. The Nick version of Karai is clearly taking more inspiration from the 4Kids version than the original, that is very obvious. However, when it comes to endless franchises with various continuities written by multiple people, characterization tends to become something of an afterthought. For example, these are all meant to be the Green Goblin:

And that's just in the visual department, you want to make me point out how Stan Lee himself couldn't make up his mind as to what the was meant to be like? Seriously, go read Lee's run on Hulk, the characterization of the titular character changed every issue.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Tournament Fighters

Karai was "semi well-known" from her 1993 appearance in Tournament Fighters.
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I would be interesting to see the 2k12 Turtles react to 2003 Leatherhead being both a brute force on top of being a gentle-hearted genius. And their version of Honeycutt still being alive.

I mean the 2k12Turtles witness their Fugitoid sacrificing himself and just assuming that was that. Though there are hints at the end he is still alive, but nothing comes of that.

Whereas with the 2k3 there is a whole arc dedicated to having the Fugitoid brought back.

So maybe 2k3 Fugitoid explains that before he sacrifices himself to stop the Triceratons he uploaded his consciousness to a nearby satellite and got in contact with Donatello through their communication devices. 2k3 Donnie would then add it took him a while to realize it was the Fugitoid because all he would get over his shell-cell was a lot of modem noise.

Also when the 2k3 Turtles encounter 2k12 Bishop their initial reactions are to act hostilely. Because the 2k3 Bishop is someone they do not view as an ally due to all the times he's used them, tortured them, or was willing to sacrifice them to meet his own goals. Then maybe 2k3 Mikey says "And don't forget that time he turned Donnie into a blood thirsty monster."

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Not really sure the two could cross over, given that Turtles Forever and"Transdimensional Turtles" are mutually exclusive stories.
"Einstein did his best stuff when he was working as a patent clerk!" - Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters
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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
Not really sure the two could cross over, given that Turtles Forever and"Transdimensional Turtles" are mutually exclusive stories.

It's not really a matter of if they would/could cross over or not. This thread is just a collection of ideas of what can possibly happen if they somehow did cross over.

I mean I know that the 2k3 and 2k12 Turtles will never honestly cross over because even if Viacom does have the rights to TMNT as a property, they don't have exclusive rights to every incarnation that exists. Even if 4kids is a dead group the 2k3 version is still exclusive to the 4kids brand so at best Nick can just air their episodes.

Still, it would be interesting to see both groups of Turtles actually meeting and interacting rather than just having a current incarnation just meeting their Fred Wolf Counter Parts, after all, while the FW turtles were the Original Toon Turtles, they aren't the only televised Turtles to have existed.
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Simple. Something awesome would have happened.

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(A room of the Mutanimals throw a surprise party)
2k3 Raphael: Holly shell, how careless were your Utroms?
2k12 Raph: Careless? Understatement of the century.
2k12 Mikey: Ya mean the Kraang? They’re kind of the opposite of careless. They cared… to give me a lot of names to make up! Did you ever get to make such stuff as “Spider Bytez?”
2k3 Don: Yeah, they were only a bit careless when they did the ooze. There were a couple others, but these guys all seem to be like you.
2k3 Raph: Hey, that makes me a little jealous here. There do exist other mutants in my world…
2k3 Mike: But they were all a bunch of nasty monsters!
2k12 Raph: We had a lot of monsters to deal with too, and some of them blamed us for what we did!
2k3 Mike: Glad none of mine were smart enough to blame me, because do you really wanna be bitterly blamed by a bunch of bad bugs?
2k12 Raph: Been there, done… a bunch of bugs? Only bugs? Bugs! Aaaah! (Raph faints)
2k3 Mike: Well, you would NOT want to investigate what mutants look like in… what’s Hun doing there?
2k12 Slash: Hun? I don’t like him. He’s scrawny.
2k3 Don: No wonder! This guy’s huge!
2k3 Leo: Your world looks more like Usagi’s at this point.
2k12 Don: Usagi was pretty cool, yeah.
P. Pete: I hope I could meet that one guy.
2k3 Leo: Is that a… pigeon?
2k3 Mike: As I was saying, there’s this one guy who fixed the TV set, who was this hedgehog dude, and he had a bug friend.
2k12 Raph: … bug friend?
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