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Originally Posted by pennydreadful View Post
That was funny.
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Aside from her Turtle boobs, she is one of the better designs that comes out of Next Mutation
Maybe because she looked like regular ninja turtle in almost any other incarnation of the franchise.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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Someone's opinions, tastes, time having been a fan, join date of this forum, money spent on TMNT, etc., do not dictate how big of a fan of the Turtles that they are.

To suggest otherwise is asinine and childish. To make further off base and wild assumptions is beyond ridiculous. I thought the worst stereotype of comic nerds was bad, but Jesus ****ing Christ, some people here make that seem like an honorable goal. Troll or not.
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Sorry about what happened yesterday guys, someone once challenged me on the SM fandom (superherohype) because i joined in September 2011, and they said i wasn't a true fan because i supported TASM, because at the time everyone hated TASM suit because of the set pics, i'm still on those boards it's 2014 July! they said the same exact thing! i would leave after TASM's release! so.. yeah that's why i got really defensive about that.
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