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Person of Interest

I always thought Person of Interest was the most underrated and most relevant show we had on our airwaves at the time (2011-2016) and had notable cast and crew names. Very deftly handled in action, tension, morality, and character; not to mention that some headlines were actually ripped off from certain episodes and not the other way around.
It's final episode that aired two and a half weeks ago may just be one of the best series finales ever. For those who have watched this series, thoughts?
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I haven't watched the last season yet, but I think Person of Interest is one of the best tv shows ever. I love the characterisation and story arcs. It has a good mix of action, drama and comic relief. Great acting from people like Michael Emerson and Amy Acker (two of my favourite actors). I agree that it's an underrated show.
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I'm watching it now for the first time, Season 1 is very slow and boring, but halfway into season 2 is better.
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