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Mad Scientist
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RIP Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer

Taylor Hawkins, Rock And Roll Hall of Famer drummer with the Foo Fighters, also formed a couple other bands as a drummer/singer, Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders, also NHC, has passed to heaven at 50, RIP Taylor.
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Mad Scientist
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Drugs are killer, man.
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The Franchise
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Yeah, I read he had like ten different drugs in him. Jesus.

"When in Colombia, do as the Colombians do," huh? Awesome, see how that turns out for ya.

I mean it sucks, obviously, but c'mon. It's not GOOD when people die, and it's inarguably sad, but I've decided to not address this as a "tragedy", outside of the tragic stupidity on the part of the person who died. I like Foo Fighters and everything but gimme a break. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes".

The real shame is that none of his friends or contemporaries are gonna learn anything from this.

"I left some words quite far from here to be a short reminder...
I laid them out in stone, in case they need to last forever..."

"But hey... I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know."
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