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The funniest quotes from the 2012 series thread.

One thing that even the biggest hater of this version of the show must admit is that the 2012 series nailed the humor of the original Mirage comics, it was full of wisecracks and witty comebacks.

Let's name them.

From "The Gauntlet", in a move that surprised even Michelangelo, Donatello has assigned April to be bait in order to lure Pigeon Pete out. She plays her role not very convincingly. What follows is an argument of an old married couple.

Donnie: What are you doing?
April: You wanted me to be bait, I AM BAIT!
Donnie: That's not how bait talks!
April: How do you know what bait talks like?
Donnie: I know that bait doesn't talk back!
At hearing that, the other turtles come out their hiding places "Oooh-ing" Donatello for that remark.
Mikey: Oh no you didn't!

From "The good, the bad and Casey Jones" After following Raphael to the Turtles lair, Casey Jones faints when he finds out that Master Splinter is a huge mutated rat.

Raphael: Hahaha, big, bad vigilante is afraid of rats.
At which Michelangelo comes walking over with a cockroach, which had Raphael retreat into his shell completely with a startled yelp.
Mikey: Heh, just like you and cockroaches, eh Raph?

As soon as Karai appeared in "New girl in town" the series had its very own Catwoman to Leo's Batman. Their flirtatious verbal jabs at each other are straight out of the vocabulary of an old married couple.

Leo: Seems like I'm making a habit of saving you lately.
Karai: If only you could have arrived five minutes earlier!

Karai: SERIOUSLY? Raph has the hots for a big newt?
Leo: Yeah really, he does have some weird taste.
He starts nudging her to remind her of the fact that she's with a turtle and shouldn't be calling the kettle black.

Karai: Haha, you're adorable, stupid but adorable!
Leo: (Realizing she used the A-word) Wait do you really think I'm...
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
- Adam Savage, "Mythbusters"

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