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Legends of Dragonore - MOTU-Inspired Line by Formo Toys

So there's been some scuttlebutt about this line for a while now online, but there's recently been a revamp for "reasons".

It began development as "Lords of Power", with character designs based on the original Mark Taylor concept art designs for what eventually became Masters of the Universe (some may know that MOTU was originally called "Lords of Power" as well when it was in the concept stage). The idea was, the final MOTU line had veered away somewhat from Taylor's original designs, and also, "Lords of Power" is an awesome name, so artist Emiliano Santalucia (who's a huge MOTU super-fan and has worked on several MOTU comics and other projects over the years) and others began developing this line of 5.5-scale figures to pay homage to the roots of where MOTU came from, while also going into its own direction insofar as lore and such. It was still very heavily and obviously inspired by MOTU, however, such as the villain "Derlok" looking almost exactly like "Keldor" (who in some MOTU lore becomes Skeletor) and the name being an anagram, and so on.

Here's a video from when the line was still "Lords of Power":

Right from the beginning, some people suggested that they were playing with fire by using the "Lords of Power" name and having the names/designs so directly associated with MOTU. So while the specific details are hazy, they recently went back to the drawing board, renaming the line and redesigning all of the characters from scratch, so they are now no longer directly inspired by Taylor's classic concept art but are still recognizably in that vein.

Behold, "Legends of Dragonore"!

You can see where they made some changes, most likely after some "discussion" with Mattel. I really dig it, though, and I like the little storyline they came up with for it. I think they might look even better now, even though a lot of people really wanted the old Taylor designs to finally be done in this style and thus are a little disappointed with the revamp. But there's rumors that Mattel might use some of Taylor's designs for Origins and they've already been using the "Lords of Power" branding on some of their exclusives, so I can see why they'd come down on Formo and if they do end up going there in the official MOTU then it's win/win all around.

As you can see, they're designed to fit in perfectly with any 5.5-scale collection, making them compatible with MOTU (both vintage and "Origins"), Warlord, Galaxy Warriors, etc. Base POA is 6 points - head, shoulders, waist and hips - but most of the redesigned figures also have swivels in the forearms and calves, so "technically" there's 10 points. If this is a concern, it should be remembered that this is a very small company and they're trying to release these figures at a price point that won't break the bank. Also, it does lean in more towards the "vintage" aesthetic. And let's be honest, most people just put these things on a shelf anyway. So I myself am not especially concerned about the limited poseability. I think they look great!

I'm hoping to get most or all of these, if I can. If the initial Wave is successful they have plans to do many more.

Keep up with the line here.

Emiliano is also fairly active on where he engages in discussion with fans on a regular basis. He's a swell guy and I feel like this venture deserves a ton of support.

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