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Lot of Loose Figures 1988-1990

Hey there everybody! New to the forum here, but I decided to join and post my collection that I'm trying to sell. I'm moving in a little while, and if I don't sell these guys, they're gonna end up in the trash...which will just be sad.

I'd love to sell this whole thing as one big lot, but if anyone is interested in an individual piece let me know and I'll update this post with what's left for sale.

Only the pieces in the pictures are included. If something isn't in the picture, then the figure is missing that piece. All have small paint scuffs, but otherwise any damage will be described.
Wacky Actions Swimming Donatello, feet are a bit loose and can be popped off, but stay on most of the time - swimming legs still functional
Wacky Actions Rock & Roll Michelangelo, one nunchuck tip is broken off - spinning arm still functional
Wacky Actions Breakdancing Raphael - breakdancing is still functional
Undercover Donatello
Sewer Surfer Michelangelo
Sewer Samurai Leonardo, one leg pad armor piece missing
Space Cadet Raphael
Shredder (I know that gun doesn't go with him, but it didn't seem to belong to any of the figures I still have, but it fits in their hands so I'm assuming it came from some TMNT figure I've lost over the years)
Figure Carrying Case, missing its handle, since its made of cardboard it has gotten a bit bent over the years. It also has quite a few sticker residue marks on the outside, and a few marks on the inside most likely caused by the figure being kept in there.
Um...stickers? Yeah...they were in the case with the rest of the turtles gang, so I figured I'd keep them all together in case anyone wanted a few stickers. ^_^

So there it is folks. The whole lot. Let me know by PM if you're interested in purchasing the lot, or any individual things you'd like on their own. Make me an offer. I'd rather these things go to someone who wants them, rather than me just throwing them away, so feel free to make any offers. If its too low for what I'm looking for, I'll just let you know. ^_^ No harm no foul!

Thanks...and sorry about the ridiculously long post!
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Hey all! Since no one here was interested in this bunch of toys I've thrown them up on ebay as a 7 day auction.

$0.99 starting bid, with no reserve, and $14 flat rate shipping anywhere in the continental US.

I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, just contact me for a shipping price quote.

Happy bidding!!
"It's Raph!"
"Yeah, a little TOO Raph."
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