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The Great Saiyaman
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Has anybody ever tried to make a TMNT comic in Japanese or Bilangual?

Because a large part of my story concerns Japanese people and actually taking place in Japan, I figured it would be funny to actually translate the scenes in which the dialogue is supposed to be in Japanese into Japanese.

Because until now, I simply used a different style of font to signify that they're speaking Japanese and not everybody got what I was doing here.

"They're both speaking English, how come they don't understand the other?"

Translating the Dialog is TOUGH though, this is all I got for now.

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I don't make fancomics but I imagine this must've been really difficult. A for effort.

It would only work for bilingual readers though, specifically those who speak both English and Japanese. Maybe an alternative would be to create English dialogue for foreign characters which sounds really odd to the average English speaker due to the word choice and grammar, but gets across the message that foreigners have a different way of speaking to each other.

Infact, I think you may have already done it in your fancomic but I can't recall the specific page.
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