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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Hopefully your local Target stores aren't staffed by f*cking jackals taking them all for themselves to flip on eBay. It's goin' around!
They have had them for years. These are the same guys that act like they aren't sure about what you are talking about when you go there.

"Hi brother, do you know off hand if you have any NECA TMNT in the back?"
"Yeah, green toys, two in a box, look like turtles or other animals."
"Oh yeah those, I'll go check."


"Do you think the NECA rep maybe left any inventory in the back from the TMNT line?"
"Oh yeah -the ummm... the turtles, those things."

Note the last example was a response from a super late middle aged weirdo that doesn't remember me at all, but I used to frequent the small comic shop he managed about 15 years ago. So... you know... "the turtles, those things".
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