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Stone Warrior
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So many ooze canisters

Wonder what’s happening here ?

Cool pic
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Mad Scientist
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Originally Posted by wpugh2424 View Post
So many ooze canisters

Wonder what’s happening here ?

Cool pic
thanks so much dude!
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Candy Kappa
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Ninja Climb!

Pizza Delivery

Family Dinner
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909 Turtle Fan
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Mike's reflection in the window is a nice touch.
Also Pizza Delivery is awesome
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I've been wanting to play around with toy photography for years. A guy at work shot this, I did some photoshop work on it. I posted it years ago, but I don't believe in this thread.

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Merry Christmas



Sorry these are a bit blurry
There will be no
Grinch taking these packages.

I have always liked Cowa-bunga!

We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing

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