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Old 06-25-2024, 02:32 AM   #1
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Hello, i am new here

Hi, long time TMNT fan, glad to be here!
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The Party Dudette
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Glad to have you here!
Totally Interstellar
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Ah! Howdy ho there! If your screen name is indicative of an actual hobby, you're in luck; we've got problems with missing parts around here. I think the Mousers are mistaking the universal transmission widgets for actual mice and are eating them. If you could head to the fifth panel with the blinking orange lights and molecular housing unit (it looks like a large air fryer, hence why we call it, "the hot box") and work some magic, we'd appreciate it. Schematics are in the second drawer on the right labeled, "Drill Parts."

Thanks... and welcome aboard!

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I don't try to be funny; I fail at it naturally.
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Welcome into the Technodrome.
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