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RPG Actual Play: TMNT Mutant Town

Here is an Actual Play account of the tabletop RPG that has begun in the Mutant Town community on Discord. It utilizes the Mutant Town setting from recent IDW comics.

Rather than use the TMNT & Other Strangeness system from Palladium, I homebrewed a much simpler system.

Think of this as an after-action report of the RPG, which is a common practice in tabletop roleplaying communities. I'll continue to update this as much as possible, particularly if there's interest in it.

I ended up with a handful of players who created the following characters:
  • Johann Sebastian Shark (formerly Michael Thompson), a cultured concert pianist shark
  • Crank, an aggressive bike messenger goat
  • Stan "Stinkbomb" Schemmel, a comic book fanboy skunk
  • Jasmine Smith-Garcia, a journalist fox with brittle bones and a healing factor

This past Friday night, we had our first official group RPG on voice chat, which I ran as Game Master. A summary of that session is coming in a couple of posts.

Three of the four players participated; the fourth, Jasmine's player, wasn't keen on voice chat and preferred to play out her character in text form in the misc-roleplaying channel. Which was fine with me. Jasmine's side story begins shortly before the events of IDW's TMNT #101, and I'll provide a running account of that at some point in the future. It's giving me a chance to play as Alopex.

Anyway, the previous Sunday, I ran Johann's player through a prologue session dealing with the mutation event itself, so I'll begin with that...

Next: Prologue - "Transmutations, Brand New Statements"
TMNT: Mutant Town
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