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TMNT 1990 - Comics Scene Interviews

These scans from Comics Scene and Starlog magazine present various interviews and background stories/notes on the making of the 1990 film. Many different actresses were considered for April O'neil and many different tones for the film were considered. Eastman and Laird (along with Baron) are the reason we got what we got because script approval of the creators was required. More interviews on the 2nd film were done later and IF any of you have those scans, please upload them.

* Note: some scans may be difficult to read because of size and resolution but if you zoom in they can be read. Posted in order from top to bottom

COMICS SCENE # 9 Aug. 1989

COMICS SCENE # 12 April. 1990


Extra: The "April in Turtleland" interview from Starlog # 154, May 1990.
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Thanks for sharing
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No scans, but I do have this link to a Starlog issue containing movie II promotional material, specifically an interview with Paige Turco, which I posted before in another thread. Hope it helps. And thanks for posting those scans.
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It's crazy that the film was nearly written to be rated "R".

It really increases my desire to see a Steve Baron cut. I wonder if he'd find a way to imply more violence with leftover footage. Maybe cut out some of the goofier action bits like Leonardo "tricking" the foot soldier with his swords or Don/Mikey (?) having their head dunked in fish tank.
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magazine articles, magazines

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