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How similar is Silver Sentry to the real Superman?

So, remember this?

These are homages to real comic book covers. And while that may just be intended to amusing as easter eggs, how accurate are these to real in-universe events? Like for example, if we assume there really is a "Silver Sentress" and this cover does indicate her story is similar to the actual Supergirl, can we in turn assume Silver Sentry is an alien from a destroyed planet and that he has a cousin who is also a survivor of this world?
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Need a copy of Titanic Tales #15 (first appearance of Turtle Titan)
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I thought Silver Sentry was named after Silver Surfer, but I guess he is like Super Man.
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Say the word superhero, and most of us think of Superman.
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I'd like to think that artist are inspired by the heroes they see but the stories are completely made up. So any origin or whatever are just ideas the in univers authors came up with to explain how SS got his powers not necessarily true. They might have seen Turtle Titan save someone but they wouldn't know his true identity is Mikey and he's a mutated turtle for example even i they did write an issue for Titanic Tales explaining his origin.
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