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TMNT Instruction Manual Scans

Since I have these lying around, I figured I'd scan them. The scans are bigger than the preview pics:



TMNT: Tournament Fighters, SEGA:

Video Game Box scans:
HAS TMNT3 Nes, TMNT IV SNES, TMNT: Tournament Fighters SNES + Sega versions:

TMNT 2 NES: (The cover's all damaged though, but the inside is okie, and it still has the coupon lol)


TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan:

TMNT 2: Back from the Sewers:

More links will be added as I scan them.

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Thank you so much, I owe you one! The first NES game brings back a lot of memories as I haven't seen this since the early '90s; I probably threw it away. But if anyone else has The Arcade Game or Turtles in Time, I'd like for them to share!
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Great share! i lost my Manhattan Project manual years ago. love it

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Here are full scans of the SNES Tournament Fighters manual that were done by a former forum member a while back:

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These are excellent. I'm already colorizing things from these. Thanks for sharing.

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I'll scan the TMNT IV, and TMNT 2 NES ones in a bit. I have the SNES Tournament Fighters manual in really good condition. I can do a scan at either 300 or 600 dpi in needed
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Exclamation April O'Neal

Thanks! I was Lookin' for The TMNT3 Manual, I Wanted to See April Showin' some Extra Flesh Again, I Used to Have The Game.
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I'm still trying to find the Japanese GB manuals too
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japanese, scans, video games

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