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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Different can be interesting choices, or it can be stupid/crappy choices. Personally, I saw far more of the latter.

And it bombed so... I can't exactly assume I'm just some minority "rose colored glasses" meanie for feeling that way. I'm open to new stuff as far as stories go and variations on design if they look good (I don't care for this art style or the anime-like animation in places, sorry), but as far as effing with the Turtles and just making most of the episodes BS... nah, no thanks, I don't enjoy seeing them shoehorned into being like any other brainless Spongebob-like Nicktoon made to be all flashy colors and obnoxiousness to entertain 6-year-olds for 10 mins. Heck, even the kids weren't on board with it, as the actual target audience, else it wouldn't have gotten canceled and mid second season.

I mean, if some adult fans like it, to each there own, more power to you then, I hope the movie at least gives it a good send off for you. But defending a show that bombed from negative comments... a bit futile and like defending Next Mutation.

Largely my own interest is in the darn thing just finally coming out so Rise can move on into the past and maybe we can get some other stuff next that is more universally enjoyed.
You know there are tons of shows that are critically acclaimed that didn't do well financially right? I know you being raised by toy commercials that's probably alien to you but I assure you it does happen. For a person who doesn't like seeing this show you do talk about it whenever you have the opportunity to do so which is fine but whenever someone reply to one of your criticism you always sperg out and act like they are trying to attack you.

Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
And some apparently get touchy and nitpicky about weird things and go all grammar figure of speed Nazi over stuff when...I guess needing to fight someone else having an opinion they don't share?
At this point whether you like the cartoon or not is irrelevant, it's more along the lines of you not knowing how to use most words or phrases correctly.

Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
figure of speed
Case in point

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