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European Hero Turtles Variant by Bandai

Hey guys!

i wanted to show you some of my boxed/carded Hero Turtles Variants.
Hope you like them.

Hero Turtles Rappin Mike, blue equipment

Hero Turtles Party Wagon

Hero Turtles T.D. Tossin Leo, blue equipment

Hero Turtles Baxter Stockman

Hero Turtles Foot Cruiser

Hero Turtles Cave Turtle Don

Hero Turtles Giant Raphael

Hero Turtles Giant Don

Hero Turtles Panda Khan

Hero Turtles Chrome Dome, blue equipment
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Very cool collection!

I'd love to collect boxed stuff, but that's where the real value is and can be a very expensive hobby

I only have Leo/Mike Giant's in my collection. I had a Raph one but is destroyed with missing limbs. Cool to see them in a box though!

I know the 'Hero' Turtles name came from the whole 'Ninja' thing being too violent. Just curious, did any of the packaging have varying art to the US/World release i.e. any graphics changed to be less violent?
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yes, it can be quiet expensive
but it's totally worth it i love the blue equiped variants!

As far as i know and saw there are no differences. The heros got the same boxes and cards as the ninjas. The only difference is the Bandai logo and the german portrait of the character on the back.
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